Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 11 – Skyview Temple

Make your way down to the right. Make your downward, killing Keese  they approach you. As you progress down you will find large spiderwebs in front of you. You can slice through them then dash through before they get repaired. At the very bottom you will find a blockade of trees. Slice them down then back up. You will find a Deku Baba above you at the top of the vines. Shoot it with your slingshot to daze it then quickly climb up and then cut it down. Just behind it is another red gem. Hit it with the slingshot or cut it to open the door below you.

Head into the room that was just opened. Inside, climb the stairs to the platform above. If you explored the room some you would find a tablet that hits that the servant inside the sword knows how to deal with many creatures. You can target the eye and hit Down on the D-pad to get a hint from Fi. Fi tells you that the Sentry focuses on a Sword Tip. Draw your sword and move it in small circles. This causes the Sentry to get dizzy and die from it. Now head down and through the door. There are a number of exploding burrs in front of you. Now you also have two Deku Babas. Kill them and get through the corridor. Just past it, on the right, is a Save Statue. Use it before going forward.

Turn around now and kill off the Walltulas. Climb the vines and head for the opening above the door. Smash the wooden beams in your way to create a shortcut back to the entrance of the Temple. Head forward to the crossing part of the platforms. Kill the Greeb Bokoblin who acts very similar to the Red Bokoblin. Now look to the right and pull out the slingshot. Shoot the red gem above the door to open the door below it. Head on through.

Inside, slice through the spider web barring your way then head to the right. Head onto the walkway just to the right. You will want to move forward slowly at first. You will find a Skulltula drop down from above. To kill is very dangerous foe, you need to first hit it with a horizontal slash or spin. This will get the Skulltula spinning, revealing its weak point on the belly. Keep with the horizontal slashes to easily knock it down then finish it with a Fatal Blow. Drop down to the floor below and go through the small opening in the left wall. Inside you will find a switch above a bird statue. Hit it with a shot from the Slingshot to flood the room. Now climb up the nearby vines and head back to the central chamber.

In here, head across the walkway. Drop underneath the far side of the walkway and swim under it. You will find a small platform with a red gem. Hit it to raise the bars on the door above you. Now head over to the vines, climb up them then go through the door you just opened. Just inside is a Green Bokoblin that needs to be dealt with. Kill it and head to the left. You will notice a Skulltula sitting on a web. For now, do not worry about it. Keep to the right and you will find a curled vine you can unravel with a deku seed. Shoot it and the one beyond it. For now though just jump to the first one and swing behind the first Skulltula. A few thrusts will kill it easily. Worst case you fight it and need to finish it with a Fatal Blow. Kill it then look between the vines to find another Red Gem. Shoot it with the Slingshot to raise the water level in this room and the central chamber. Now get back on the first vine. Now rotate so you are lined up with the next vine. Swing over to the far side now. You can kill the next Skulltula, that is optional. You also have another Quadro Baba to kill. Defeat it then head to the left, up the stairs and head back into the central chamber. Head out onto the nearby branch and open the chest you find on it to get the Dungeon map.

Drop down to the walkway below, save if you want, then head forward a little. Look to your right to find a floating log. Cross it, using the slingshot to take care of the Walltula that is in the vines. Climb them up and head to the left up the stairs. Go through the door and down the stairs. You have two sentries to deal with and a Skulltula. Kill the Skulltula first, using horizontal cuts, then a pair of thrusts to kill it, possibly a Fatal Blow. Now stand about where it was. Both Sentries should be looking at you now. Draw your sword and circle it. This will dizzy them and clear the way to get to the chest. It has a small key inside it. Head back to the main chamber.

Head over to the locked door and head through it, using the key. Try to make it over to the opposite side of the room. You have a number of different enemies, Green Bokoblins, Keese and Skulltulas. You can break away from many fights, but you want to avoid fights whenever possible. On the far side you will find that both doors going out are barred. Look above the doors to find a Red Gem. Hit it to open one of them and head through it. Still, be ready when you enter the room. Need be, take a moment to return outside and head up to Skyloft. While there get a new Restoration Potion and repair your shield, upgrading it to a Banded Shield if you have not already.. Once you are head, head inside to face a mini-boss.

Mid-boss: Stalfos
More than anything, this battle is going to feature the shield bash. The Stalfos will come at you with it Scimitars. When it does, shield bash to cause its arms to dislodge and fall to the ground. Use this time to attack it heavily. Rinse and repeat until it finally shatters.

You can also use take a more aggressive approach to the battle. To do so you must advance on him and look at how it is holding its swords. If they are vertical, attack vertically. If horizontal, attack horizontally. If it holds them in a cross guard, look for the opening and use a diagonal attack to hurt the Stalfos.

The final option is more reflexive. Lock onto the Stalfos and wait for it to attack with a lunge. While it recovers you want to move in and attack in a flurry.

Regardless of your approach, be careful. This is not an enemy to just flail your sword around. It is very controlled and it is best you handle it the same way. If you are taking a lot of damage, break away briefly and heal using the hearts around the room.

When you do beat the Stalfos, it will transform into a blue chest. Inside it is the Beetle. Collect it and then you need to use it to get out of the room you are in. Arm the beetle and aim it at the opening the ceiling that has a Skulltula that you can see through it. Steer the Beetle through the opening and bank right just as you pass through the webbing. You will see a Red Gem, aim the beetle for it to open the door that is holding you inside. Now head for the opposite side of the inner dome. You will find a Piece of Heart behind some bars. Move back a few steps from it, aim the beetle up along the dome and steer it upwards. You will find a small opening above that has a Red Gem that will raise the iron bars, letting you get at the Piece of Heart. Use the beetle around the room to find plenty of rupees. Once you got everything you care for head for the door with the save statue by it. This is on the western side of the room. Move back a little and fire the beetle into one of the two slim openings above the door. Through either you deal with a Deku Baba on the ceiling.  Aim the beetle to cut through its stem then for the Red Gem behind it. Go on through the now open door.

In this room, head forward and drop down the ledge. Just head straight through the room, going up the stairs and passing through the next door. In the next room you have a Skulltula to deal with. Once you kill it, go to the right and climb the vines upwards to the platform above you. Pull out the beetle and use it drop down the box on the far side of the platform. Push it forward so it drops. Follow it down to the floor. Now push it forward four times then to the right eight. Now push it forward about five times. In the proper position it will get all three eyes to focus on you when you draw your sword. Draw it and spin your sword in a circle to get them all to die from dizziness. Now go to the chest they were guarding to collect another key.

Head back into the previous room. Just past the entry way for the door, fire off the beetle and aim it at the Red Gem beyond the Skulltula. This will raise the water level so you can easily swim over to the stairs and slip past the Skulltula by slicing the webbing. Once past the Skulltula, go up the stairs, slice down the trees in your way then crawl through the opening. Head forward and go through the door back to the Dome Room. Head to the opposite side and use your key to move forward. When you get over there, use the beetle to slice down the Deku Babas that would block your way on the tight rope. If you try to cross and fall, you will need to deal with a pair of Quadro Babas. They should be getting easier to deal with now, especially if you get the distance right and use the Beetle on its stem. Climb back up after and try again.

Head forward, cutting down bushes and grass to replenish supplies. After that, smash through the wooden barriers to reach the next room. Inside here you need to fight a new enemy, a Staldra. In order to defeat this monster you must destroy all three heads either simultaneously or very quickly in sequence. Kill it then head through the door that opens on the far side of the room.

In the next room, head along, kill the Bokoblin, then use the Beetle to send the Skulltula in front of you to its death in the pit below. Dash and jump over the gap. Keep heading straight. Take a moment and look to the left as you cross the middle of the room. Above the door is a Red Gem that will open a shortcut back to the Dome Room. Close to the southwest edge of room, look to the right and use your slingshot to unfurl the vine over there. Now head back to the center of the room, shoot the deku nut at the Bokoblin to stun it. Now cross the tight rope and jostle it when you are close to the Bokoblin to make it fall. Head left to open a chest with a red rupee inside it. Now head to the opposite side and go up the vines on the left part of the wall. Now loop to the left and hack the rope free. Jump onto it and swing across to the right, onto the tree.

Climb up and take the branches to the right. Now use another nut from your slingshot to unfurl the next vine. Now use the vines to swing over to the next opening where you will collect the golden carving you need to open the boss door on the opposite side of the room. Climb the vines on your right upwards and go to the right, jumping the gap then dropping to the floor. Cross the tight rope again and use the Golden Carving, after you save, to head into the first boss room. You must twist it to match the open pattern inside the door.

Temple Boss: Demon Lord Ghirahim
Keep locked onto Ghirahim so when you do make an opening you can seize the advantage.

First Phase:
Here he focuses on counter-attacks. He moves toward you with an arm out. If you swing at him with your sword he will likely catch it. If he does, you can break away from him by quickly swinging the Remote upwards. You can easily swing it down on him at that point. Another option is to hold the sword in one position until Ghirahim is just about upon you. At this point, swing your sword in a different direction to land a few quick blows.

Second Phase:
After a while he will summon a sword and come at you with it. You can use your shield bash attack to repel his ranged attack back at him. He will also teleport around hold  his sword in a guard position. Swing where he is open to land a number of hits on him. After a fair number of he will leave, saying the girl's presence has all but faded from this temple.

Collect the Heart Container and head for the door just past it. Simply head forward and enjoy the cutscenes. You can also use your bug net to grab a few birds too. When you reach the altar, go around it and use a Skyward Strike on the Goddess Cube behind the altar. After that, return to the front and use a skyward strike to trigger the holy emblem. Fi does a dance as she conveys a message to you which directs you to the Eldin Volcano region. At the end of it you will also collect another piece of the tablet.  This does make it so you will want to head for the Temple in Skyloft soon.