Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 34 – Volcano Summit

*Be sure you have at least one free bottle for this part.

Head to the right and up the slope into the cavern with the Steam Geyser. Ride it upwards and go to the right, into the super heated room. Go up the slope and through the entrance into the Volcano Summit. Without the Fireshield Earrings, Link would be close to becoming barbaque but the earrings are saving him from that fate. Head forward and a bit to your right to find the Save Statue in this area. Be on guard as there are Chuchus and Fire Keese that will come at you as you head for it. Drop down from the statue to the next area below.

As soon as you land there is a huge number of Chuchus that will come at you. Slash them up then turn to face the nearby pool of magma. You will find two Cursed Spumes waiting in there for you. Pull out your bow and shoot them with an arrow a piece. Cross over the rocks to the other side and head through the opening on the other side. You are outside the summit now and to your left is a waterfall. Pull out your empty bottle and fill it up here. You have need of it soon. Now head up the slope on the right. You will find a room with a strange statue and your Goron friend. He will complain that he cannot get past the flames. Pull out the spring water you just gathered and walk up to the statue. Target it and pour it out. This will extinguish the flames and let you get into the next room. Backtrack to the waterfall once again and collect some more water. Return to the Frog Statue room and pull out the Clawshots. Look to the left as you enter the room and you will see a cluster of vines you can grab. Grapple over to them then walk out onto the small ledge above the statue. Pull out your bottle and pour the water down from there. It will land in the statue and put out the flames. Head on through to the next room and save. Now you will need a large basin and a lot of water.

Before you set to that, head left from the statue into the nearby room. Dash up to the window and use the clawshots to grapple from one platform to the next. On the second one is a Lizalfos. Defeat it quickly then use the Clawshots to reach the ledge. On it you will find a Goddess Cube. Just hop down from there to start on your way back toward the waterfall. When you get back to the Waterfall one of the Mogmas is waiting there for you. Tell him something about treasure and he hints at Lake Floria. This means that it is time to visit Faron once again. Take a moment first though and dowse for a Goddess Cube. You will find that there is one behind one of the rocks below you. It will take a number of dives but it is possible to jump from there, get behind the rock and land on the platform with the Goddess Cube. From there use the Clawshots to get back to the main area. Now head for the final frog statue and go back to the sky and drop down in on the Floria Waterfall.

There you can quickly reach Faron and ask for use of her water basin. Fi will call Scrapper and he will come to haul the Water Basin for you. Now head back to the Eldin Volcano region. You unfortunately, automatically, go to the start of the area. Gone are all the easy enemies, replaced with Bokoblins and Moblins. From where you start, head to the left and snipe the Bokoblin Archers with your own bow. Keep going forward, up the slope toward the sandy slope. Pick off another Bokoblin before you head up it to the base of the Sandy Slope. At the base, pick off the three that are going to start shooting down on you. Pick them off quickly then dash all the way up to the top of the slope then clear the Bokoblin village. There only a Moblin in there but it is on the toppled tower, making for a more challenging encounter. Now continue on up and climb the vines. Continue your ascent until you reach the base of the next sandy slope. If you are a great shot with the bow, then you can pick off all the archers from the bottom so you do not have to worry in the least about them shooting at you. If nothing else, for the last few all the way at the top, aim over their hands and let it fly. If you have the Iron Bow you should be golden. If you managed to get the Sacred Bow, these should be easier shots. After you take out the Archers, start your dash up. On the first set of platforms you will find two Bokoblins that you might have missed with the arrows. Kill them then dash up to the top. Head to the right and into the next Bokoblin village. Kill the Blue Bokoblins and the Moblin on the toppled tower. Continue on the path toward the summit. When you reach the next bridge, do not exit the cave. From there, snipe every Bokoblin then focus fire on the Moblin. It will take a good number of arrows but it will be worth it. Turn to the left as you exit the cave and shoot the Archer there to ensure Scrapper's safe passage. Just finish your passage over to the summit.

Once inside the summit, head to the left, kill off all the Fire Keese then dash up the sandy slope. Head down just a ledge or two then snipe the two Curse Spumes with your arrows. You need to drop down to defeat the Lizalfos as they will block all your arrows. From there just make your way forward to the final Frog Statue. Scrapper will automatically pour the water into the statue's mouth. With that Link can access the Fire Santuary, the flame you need to upgrade the Goddess Sword.