Legend of Zelda The Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 7 – The Sealed Grounds and Faron Woods

Once Fi has explained everything for now, head forward. You will encounter Deku Babas. Fi will explain that she can relay information about enemies to you at this point, includinbg their weaknesses. The Deku Babas are vulnerable in their mouths. As you move close, they will open their mouths to attack you. In this time, you need to slash your sword through their mouth, otherwise you need to shield against the attack Kill the two pairs of Deku Babas then jump over the ledge.

Another cut scene runs where Link is shifted elsewhere for a while. After it, examine the door behind Link that he is looking at. You learn it is behind held closed by a power. Head down to the bottom of the pit to confront this power. You will be prompted to raise your sword skyward then strike at the evil auira's totem. This opens a number of steam geysers which will speed your way upwards. Fi will now reveal her Drowsing ability, letting you use the Goddess sword to find people and objects.  Use it as you close on the door that was locked before to confirm that Zelda has been taken inside here. Walk over to it and hit “A” to enter.

Head inside and on your left you will find a Bird Statue. Save just in case something goes wrong as you are now in a temple.

Sealed Temple
Head up the stairs in the back of the room to meet an Oracle. She tells you to head for Faron Woods, which are very close. She also explains how to create beacons on your map, making Overworld navigation even easier. You are pointed at a door and told to collect the contents of the treasure chest inside the room. If your shield is damaged, repair it with your Revitalizing Potion. Head down the stairs and go left to find a chest. Open it to get another Revitalizing Potion. Now head through the nearby door and up the stairs shown.

Faron Woods
Head on up the stairs and over the ledge to help the Goron surrounded by Bokoblins nearby. This calls for intervention so it is time to take down a few of them. It is an easy fight so deal with them and the Goron will thank you, introduce himself as Gorko and tell you that he is looking into the history of this area. He explains the bird statue he is by, notably purple, serves as a marker for the “Isle of the Goddess” (Skyloft) for those above to find things below and reverse. These will be noted as they are very helpful overall. Feel free to listen to his rants on your home, they get very funny. Link will walk over to the statue during this scene and it will glow and change. This statue will allow you to return to Skyloft at will but there is more to do down here at present. For now save ahead on further down thew path ahead of you.

Turn around and climb up the vines on your left, leading into the cave above. You emerge back on the Sealed Grounds with a large log in front of you. Push it forward to create a shortcut here from the entrance. Head back through the cave and drop down. Head through the archway opposite you, toward the beacon you created. Push the log upthe ledge ahead of you so you can can scale it. Pullthe beacon and walk forward into the woods.