Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 3 – The Waterfall Cave

Head on out from the Academy toward the Archway. A strange stone will emerge from the ground (a Sheikah Stone) and it will call you over. Link obliges it and it explains that will help you throughout your quest.

Now head up over to the Plaza again. From there head to the left to easily make your way over to the lake and waterfall. Continue left across the stones in the water then go right up the path toward the Waterfall. You will find the mouth of a cave and a quick cutscene showing your bird inside it. Approach the posts blocking your way and use your sword to hack through them. With head, head into the cave.

Not too far past the first bend you will encounter a small number of Keese. This classic Zelda enemies are easy to beat with Verticle Slices. Watch out for when their eyes change color as it means they are about to attack. Keep moving forward after you beat that set.

Just after the first ledge you will likely get caught by a Chuchu. Wiggle your remote and nunchuck to break free. As you walk down the slope another will appear but at a distance. Wait for it get close and kill it with a quick slash. Now head for the steep slope that is not too far away. Dash up it and keep on going forward. Keep going on and kill all the Keese and the few Chuchu that appear. One of the Keese will give you a Monster Claw and a Chuchu will drop a Jelly Blob. Just keep going down the slope after this. At the bottom of this slope, climb the wall and deal with the few Keese up there. Head over to the right where there is a ledge with some grass. Behind the grass is a small opening with two red rupees. Head outside and you will find a Bird Statue where you can save.

Start off to the right of the Bird Statue to meet up with Zelda. Head down the slope and you will find your Loftwing. Hack away the ropes with your sword to free your bird. Zelda tells you to fly off to the ceremony now that you have reunited with your bird. A cutscene runs that gets you falling.

Hit Down on the D-pad on the remote to call your bird. Now you are given a tutorial on how to fly your  bird, build up speed, increase altitude and use your speed boosts.