Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 1 – The Wing Ceremony

After a gorgeous opening, Link awakens to a Loftwing delivering a letter from his childhood friend, Zelda. She reminds him that he promised to meet her before the Ceremony so it is time to start out. First, head of the dresser and open it up to get 5 rupees. Now head over to the door and open it up.

Welcome to the Knight Academy. While there is some urgency to meet Zelda, there is no true rush. Explore a little. Head to the left to find one of your friends who needs a little help, Fledge. Walk over to a barrel and hit “A” to pick it up. Carry it over into the Kitchen. Be sure to watch your stamina guage. You will see it drain as you move around with the barrel or just stand with it. Set it down when you hear a beeping. Once it replenishes, continue to carry it over to the old lady by the oven. Head back to Feldge and speak with him to get 20 Rupees. After that, head for the Double door behind you and go outside.

A little ways to your left is a Bird Statue. Visit it to save your game. After that, head back to the left and go for the archway there. As you pass under it you will meet one of your instructors, Horwell. Go through what he instructs you on as these are vital skills you will use frequently (especially if you are new to the Zelda Series). Next he explains how to dash and tells you how you can use it climb up a short distance. Dash at the crates (moving toward them holding “A”) to climb up them. After that, just move over to the gap and Link will automatically jump it. Continue talking with Horwell to finish the tutorial. You will be then be given the option to catch the Headmaster's pet, Mia.

This is quick and simple. Head over to the wall behind Horwell and dash up to reach the ledge. Climb to the left and drop onto the platform below. Jump over the gap to reach the vines. Climb these up to reach the next roof. Head over to the box you see ahead of you. Go over to it and hit “A” then push it forward to the wall. Now climb up onto and from there onto the roof. Walk over to Mia and hit “A” to grab her. Now head back to the platforms you used to get up here, dropping down onto them. From there drop onto the ground. Throw Mia onto the stacked boxes or the ledge above then climb up yourself and collect her again. Jump the gap to get over to Horwell and finish this little sidequest.

Now it is time to head for the Statue of the Goddess, which is to your left. Head across the bridge and up to the gate. Just head on up, across the wooden bridge and go through the doorway to start a scene with Zelda singing. Enjoy the song but pay attention to the words, prophecy is in them. You will be given a few choices for responses to her question. Answer however you feel as it does not effect the story. The scene takes some time as they explain something of the history of Skyloft and Link's history with his Loftwing.