Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 13 – Into The Eldin Volcano

Once you arrive, Fi explains some of the area to you. Most notable is over half of the area is lava. A wooden shield will not survive here. If you have one, use the nearby Statue to return to Skyloft Bazaar and check it so you do not have to buy a new shield. If possible, buy the Iron Shield which can withstand the heat and enemies of the area.

Start heading down the slope and you will encounter a new enemy type, a Red Chuchu. Unlike the Green Chuchu, this one will split into two when you cut it so you need to slash its divided parts as well to kill it. After the Chuchu, head on forward. Fi will pop out of the Sword briefly to check that you remember how to drowse. Say “Of Course” and it is time to move on. Before you go forward, turn around and drop off the edge of the path to the left. You will find a Goddess Cube sitting in a corner. Hit it with a Skyward Strike to unlock another chest above in Skyloft.

Head to the right, hopping across the rocks and through the archway. As you pass through the archway two creatures, Mogmas, pop out of the ground. They explain that some monsters have them on edge. After that, they let you move on forward. Just head into the cavern ahead of you. The next area gets very hot so your wooden shield may be in danger, plus there are fire keese in the room in addition to ebbing and flowing lava. Head forward to the left. You will find another Mogma who explains some about Bomb Flowers. While right now you cannot stock bombs you can certain roll all the bomb flowers into things. One passage, on ground level more to the left, leads on. The one more right right on ground level contains a massive Red Chuchu and the one that needs a bomb lobbed at it has five rupees. Go through whichever you want then head down the left passage to find another save statue.

Continue along and take the left branch when you reach it. You will find another Goddess Cube waiting there for you. When you head down the right branch of the path a Mogma will tell you someone in a blackish outfit went into the nearby opening. For now though continue forward. Before you drop from the next ledge a creature, a pyrup, will scurry into an opening in the wall. If you approach that opening it will breath fire at you. Back up, pick one the bomb flowers behind you, and roll it into the opening. This will kill the Pyrup and let you press forward. Dash up the next wall and deal with the trio Bokoblins waiting there. After that, you have another Pyrup, which you need to throw a bomb onto, below the next set of ledges. Now, take a moment and head up the ledges to the right on the opposite side. Follow it to the right to find one more Pyrup, which you need to roll a bomb into, and a piece of  heart beyond it. Retrace your steps back to where you dealt with the second Pyrup. You will see a series of bones with bomb flowers in front of them. Grab a bomb flower and roll it to the opposite side. This will detonate and open up the path to where the person in black went.

Dash across the bones. Head to the left and take the steam vent upwards. You will now find yourself on a platform, ready to drop down into the Eldin Volcano itself. There are a lot of things to collect on the way down. The more important one is on the right, a Goddess Cube. At the bottom you will be inside the Eldin Volcano.