Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Walkthrough Part 35 – Fire Sanctuary

Head on down into the depths of the mountain. Link braves the heat and you will arrive in a room with two giant owl statues and a number of green bulbs hanging on the ceiling., To your right is another Save Statue. Pull out the Clawshot and go to the broken bridge between the two Owl Statues. Shoot it at the green bulb to let loose a blast of water. This is harden the magma ahead of you briefly, giving you a chance to cross over into the rest of the temple.

Once on the other side of the first pool, pull out your bow briefly and snipe the Bokoblin to your right that is on a ledge above the magma flow. Now pull out the clawshot and open up the blub above you to the left. Once on the platform you created, pull back out the bow as there are a few more Bokoblin archers along the way. Now hop off to the east, where the last of the archers were, and head up the stairs on that platform. Walk along there to encounter one final blue Bokoblin with a chest just behind it. Kill it to raise the bars and grant you access to the chest which contains a small key so you can open the door below you to the right. When you drop down you will meet Guld, head of the Mogmas. He gives you a big hint that you need to find a pair of statues that face each other and that you need to jump into the open mouth of the sleeping statue. This is key to the end of the dungeon. Now go over to the door and head on through using your key.

Head down the stairs to the right to the door, taking care of the Bokoblins who likely were in your way. Be careful as there are all Cursed Keese here. Avoid getting cursed as you will only be able to run while it is in effect. Now head through the door at the bottom of the passage. To the left you will find a chest with a rupee in it. To the right you will continue on into an interesting room. Head immediately for the stone platform above the floor grating. This will stop you from getting clasped by the threat in here. Once the magma hand, Magmanos, has pushed the platform up, dash off it into the passage in front of you.  Head down it and climb the vines. At the top you have another pair of Bokoblin Archers waiting for you. Deal with them and the Bokoblin on the next ledge then hop onto the set of vines in front of you and climb to the right. Head to the northern part of this ledge then drop down, perhaps climb down using the smaller mass of vines opposite you. Save at the Statue and head into the room to the left of the statue.

This part consist of a bridge and a Cursed Lizalfos. While they do not vary much from your regular ones, they do breath curse so be sure to block it with a Divine Shield or evade it completely. Once you beat it, the door on the far side of the bridge will open for you. Head on through.

Immediately after you enter the room, shoot the three Spumes, one none to far from the entrance, another farther back and a last one to the right. There are Bokoblins farther in that you can see and being cursed is hard to deal with against them. You can snipe them to just avoid the hassle later, which is recommended. Head to the right a little and pull out the Hook Beetle. Not too far from the bud on the ceiling you will notice an open with a rupee in it. Aim the beetle into that opening. Now have it circle around the room and come back toward where Link is. In front of you is a Dragon Statue with Magma coming out of its mouth which is what you want to steer the Beetle into (or drop the bomb on). This will get the magma moving so you can hit the bud above and have it move into the current next to it. Ride this to the other side of the room. Up the short set of stairs you will find two doors but you can only go through one of them right now. Head through the door to your right.

In this room you will find a Mogma who is being interrogated by being hung over magma. Right now, there is nothing you can do for him. Instead, approach the red hot patches nearby where the chain holding the Mogma is anchored. Pull out the Gust Bellows and blow away the super heated dust to clear a path to the blue chest and the key it contains. Head back into the last room and through the locked door. In this room you will find a lot of the buds, likely find out they have thorns on them and that you can spear them onto your sword with a thrust attack. Move over to the wall of fire that is a little ways inside the room. You have a Chuchu that will attack from the overhang nearby. Kill it then head through the overhang and up the stairs. On the platform above is another Chuchu (and the third if you head to the right) but you can also now flick a Thorn Bud at the Frog Statue above the flames. Spear one and flick it at the frog. Head through the doorway that is now clear of fire. Beyond it you will find some Bokoblins and a pair of Cursed Keese. Kill the Keese then the Bokoblins and continue on to the right and through the door. This room has a pair of hands below the floor grating. You need to beat them both to proceed on. Dash for the farther platform and hop on it to get the magma hand to lift it up. In this alcove you will find a Thorn Bud you can spear onto your sword. Now drop down to the grate and lure one of the hands you then hop out of the way. Once the hand is raised up, slash it with your sword while the Thorn Bud is on it to solidfy the Magmanos. Use this time to slash it repeatedly to make it crumble apart. Repeat this on its companion to finish the fight. This will set things in motion so you can free the Mogma in the nearby room. Head through the lower door that has been unbarred. Now go down the stairs to the area below the Mogma and pull the lever none too far from him. He will be overjoyed to be set free. He will give you a new pair of digging mitts, the Mogma Mitts, which allow you to burrow. Head forward, toward the grating to the north and dig up the pile closest to the grating. Link will now enter into a burrow. Head forward and to the right to collect all the rupees here, using the remote to swipe and destroy the rocks in your path. Now head toward the bomb flower that is close by and attack it facing upwards to knock it forward and blast away the rock above it. Head to the left and smash through the rocks there and then along the top to the right to the light coming down from above.

In this room you will find two piles of super heated dust. Blow them away to find dig spots. Feel free to use the nearby save statue as well. Now head for the dig spot nearby the gate, in the eastern part of the room. Burrow into it. In this burrow, head to the left when you enter then up and to the right, into the switch you need to force to the right. Swipe at the switch to move the gate to a different position. Now head back to where you entered the burrow and go through the newly opened door. Head up the stairs and through the door above. Pull out the bow and kill off the Bokoblins on the far side of the room and the one who will come at you from the south. Kill them all then head to the south. You will find a pressure switch that creates a shortcut for you. Now use the Clawshots to get to the opposite side of the room. One more Bokoblin will reveal itself so put an arrow in it on the side of the room you just came from. Shoot it then go ahead through the door.

In this room is another captured Mogma in need of saving. Head on down the stairs and then to the right. You will find a patch of grass behind some of the grating. Inside the grass is a dirt patch you can burrow into. Do so and head to the left and down. Swipe at the switch to move the nearby gate. Now head to the right and down a block. Head past the blocks below the switch and loop to the right and up to the switch. Swipe at it to clear away the gate in front of the Thorn Bud, both switches show be showing the red end. Now head back to the surface and go around the closed gate to the opened one to get at the Thorn Bud. Now go onto the altar and flick the Thorn Bud at the Frog Statue to extingish the fire below it. Head through and to the left, to the switch to free the Mogma. Open the chest he gives you to get the dungeon map. This will help you figure out the location of the secret room that they were talking about. Look at the map and you will see the point where another room meets this one. Head over to the right, toward the east, and blast the wall about its middle with a bomb. There is just a dig spot here so go ahead and burrow down.

Head to the left first to collect the red rupee. Now head the other way and smash through most of the rocks, leave one intact for now. There is a centipede crawling around in this area. So wait for it pass by, and as it does, smash the rock in front of you and wait for its orange tail to come to you. Swipe it to hurt the Centipede. It will take three hits to kill the centipede. Once you do (or choose to sneak past it), head to the east and to the second patch of light. Emerge and claim the blue chest for a Small Key. Climb up the vines to your left and head back to broken bridge, cross that and go to the locked door is what you should do. If you want an extra bottle though cross the broken bridge then head south and then to the east, back to the room where you first encountered the lava hand. Head into the room and take the first left you can. You will find a patch of dirt you can burrow in. Dive in and hit the switch inside, which you can get to on the right-hand side and head to the surface. Go through the newly opened passage, down the stairs and step on the pressure switch after you spear a Thorn Bulb. Head into the room with the Magmanos to slash it with the Thorn Bulb and destroy it to drain the magma below you. Head to the west afterward to go down the now magma-free path. At the end of it, through the door, you will find a treasure chest containing the empty bottle. To resume, head back to the broken bridge and through the locked door in the room beyond it to the north.

Head through that door and follow the path to flow of lava. To your right you will find a pair of Cursed Spumes and to your left a duo of Bokoblin Archers. Kill the Spumes then the Archers. Look up and you will spot a Thorn Bud which you can shoot to cross the lava. Head up the steps and through the door. On the other side is another Bokoblin with a number of Cursed Keese. Kill them all then head to the right, up more stairs. Be sure to kill the Cursed Spumes in the room just for ease of movement. Head over to the other side and look along the right-hand wall. You will spot an alcove in the wall and a patch of dirt you can burrow into. Dive in to find a panicky Mogma after you flip the switch and approach the far wall. He will first close the gate behind you once your past it. Then, as you approach him, he will flip and charge away. All Link needs to do now is catch the Mogma. Just dash after it when you are close and it will not be a long chase. He will reward you with the way forward and a chest containing a Piece Of Heart! Now head to the edge of the platform and look back to the left, after you take care of the Cursed Keese, to spot the Thorn Bulb you want to hit. It will drop down and now you can ride over to where the archers were above you. You will find a save statue there which you will want to head over to. Nearby it is a dirt patch you can burrow into.

In this burrow, follow the path to the right, looping back to the left. Smash the rocks to reach the bomb flower. Now swipe at the bomb flower and get ready to dash for the exit. As soon as the bomb blows, a wall of lava starts coming at Link. Dash back to the entrance and return to the Save Statue. Update your progress and then hit the pressure plate that is close to the gate nearby. This opens up a quick way back down. Head down the stairs and knock the Thorn Bulb down into the moving lava river. Ride the solidified lava down stream and hop off to your right. Head up the stairs and you will find to your left a save statue that will let you travel freely between here and the Sky and to the right the path to the carving you need.

Head to the right where you will find two places for Link to dive from. Remember what Guld told you at the start of the dungeon? This is where it comes in. Head to the left and jump off toward the sleeping statue. A platform will appear so Link will just slide into a passage. Head through it and up the stairs to the door the next room. On the other side are two Cursed Lizalfos awaiting Link. Kill them and head through to the next room where you need to climb all the way to the top of the structure, fending off Cursed Keese all the way. Start with the Clawshots then just start running and jumping from one set of stairs to the next. Just keep at it until you make it to the top. Go through the door to begin one more puzzle. You need to light the statues from the burrow below them in order, based on the number of wings that they have. Dig in and head upwards then go to the right to the next switch. Head down beyond that one to the nearby Bomb Flower. Swipe at it to roll it upwards and into the pile of debris. Go around the switch in front of you to the one just behind the pile you just blew up. Now back up and hit the switch you just avoided. Now go to the switch in the upper left and hit that to complete the set. This will also change what spikes are extended down in the burrow so the centipede can come after you now. Link has to kill this one to make it out of here. Sneak up on it then strike it with the Mogma Mitts. Retreat and break line of sight for it. Repeat this two more times to open the way back to the surface. Return, claim the key, and head through the door on your right. Step on the pressure plate, head down the stairs and to the right  to reach the final chamber Be warned that a Bokoblin flank both sides of the doors. Kill them to make it easier to place the carving without interruption. Twist it to look like a key and insert it. Inside you will find your “friend” Ghirahim waiting for you. It was obvious that you would fight him again and that time has now come.

Phase One
You are in much better shape to fight him now. For the first part of the battle you need to hit him where the orbs are not protecting him in addition to avoiding him catching your blade. If the pair orbit at his head and his knees, only a horizontal strike can hit him. If they are diagonal, only the opposing direction, etc. Expect this phase to last a while as he will immediately jump back once you land a hit on him. Whenever he launches the orbs at you, use your shield to bash them and injure him instead!

Phase Two
Ghirahim will now summon another pair or single orbit to his defense. Again, pay attention to where they are to find how to you can hurt him. Remember to lure him in close before you strike at all. Remember to shield bash the orbs to avoid damage and instead reverse it at him!

Phase Three
Ghirahim now summons two scimitars. He is vulnerable as he approaches Link. Here Ghirahim should be handled like a Stalfos (with another attack to be described shortly) in terms of inflicting damage. When he stops he will either sweep with his scimitars or teleport away. When Ghirahim teleports right now, run in any direction from where you are to avoid his pounce attack from above.

Land enough hits and he will leave you be for now. Head through the door and into the next room to upgrade the Goddess Sword to its next form, the Master Sword! It does even more damage now, three times as much as the Goddess Sword itself did. It is now time to visit the Sealed Grounds once again. Upgrade what you can and head over there, you are in for another fight.