The Evolution of Eevee – Black and White Version 2: Eevee

It has been quite a while since Eevee got a good look into. It was mainly that the previous games only features some changes to the move list and did not do too much to our little fluffy friend. Black and White changed that some but it was Version 2 that really pushed the need for a fresh article looking into the changes that the different games have wrought.

Acquiring Eevee:
While in Black and White you could not directly get Eevee, you can in these games. For the first time in a long time Eevee can be both caught and found in the Wild. The earliest point you can acquire Eevee is in Castelia City. Even then, you can get it from two different sources:
Fennel's Lab – Talk with her assistant on the left. She will present you with an Eevee at Lv. 10 with its hidden ability: Anticipation, She will only do this after you have defeated the Elite Four.

Castelia City Park – Found through the Castelia Sewers but heading in, but taking the first flight of stairs out. You will rarely encounter them (about 5%) in either the light or dark grass of the area.

Unlocking the Hidden Abilities:
With the addition of the Dream World, it has become possible for all of the forms of Eevee to unlock a hidden ability of their own. If one of the rare Female Eevees has its hidden ability unlocked, then it can be bred and it can be passed on. If not, then you must use the Dream World. Log in and send the desired Eevee into the Dream World. Have it play the “Play to Befriend a Pokemon” game. This will unlock the hidden ability when the Pokemon wakes from its sleep.

Evolution Quick Reference:
Psychic form - Evolves into this form from max happiness during the day-time(between 4am and 8pm game time).

Fire form - Use a Fire stone on an Eevee.

Ice form - Have Eevee gain a level on the Bottom Floor of Twist Mountain.

Electric form - Use a Thunder Stone on an Eevee.

Grass form - Have Eevee gain a level in the Southwest Corner of the Pinwheel Forest.

Dark Form - Evolves into this form from max happiness during the night-time (between 8pm and 4am game time).

Water Form - Use a Water Stone on an Eevee.

Pokedex Entry
National: #133, Unova: #91
“Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokemon conceals many different possible evolutions.”

Run Away: Can always run away from battles. If you are locked into a battle (against a Trainer or by a Pokemon ability like Arena Trap or Shadow Tag)  then you cannot run.

Adaptability: Increase Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) from 1.5 to 2

Hidden Ability:
Anticipation: Warns when the foe knows a 1-hit KO move or super-effective moves.

In-game Base Statistics:
Hitpoints: 55 Attack: 55 Defense: 50 Sp. Attack: 45 Sp. Defense: 65 Speed: 55

Move List:
0 – Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip
5 – Sand Attack
9 – Growl
13 – Quick Attack
17 – Bite
21 – Covet
25 – Take Down
29 – Charm
33 – Baton pass
37 – Double-Edge
41 – Last Resort
45 – Trump Card

TM/HM Compatibly:
TM 06 – Toxic
TM 10 – Hidden Power
TM 11 – Sunny Day
TM 17 – Protect
TM 18 – Rain Dance
TM 21 – Frustration
TM 27 – Return
TM 28 – Dig
TM 30 – Shadow Ball
TM 32 – Double Team
TM 42 – Facade
TM 44 – Rest
TM 45 – Attract
TM 48 – Round
TM 49 – Echoed Voice
TM 67 – Retaliate
TM 83 – Work Up
TM 90 – Substitute

Move Tutors
Covet, Heal Bell, Helping Hand, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail, Last Resort, Sleep Talk, Snore

Egg Moves:
Eevee Breeding:
Eevee is a member of the “ground” or “field” egg group. This means that it can only be bred with other Pokemon from the same egg group. This is a quick guide, meant to allow you to breed in one of the moves per. Some of these combinations allow, with only a little more effort, the inclusion of multiple egg moves. Use these as a starting place to figure out your own combinations of moves that Eevee can know. I aimed to show single to two generation breeding in all cases.

A good, quick way to get the Eevee you’re looking for en mass is to have 2 Eevee of opposite genders that know the same moves from their standard set. By breeding them together, the offspring will know the moves that BOTH the parents share. This is a great way to get a Lvl. 1 Eevee that knows Baton Pass or any other move.

Eevee naturally learns the following Egg Moves:
Charm and Covet

Curse is a very powerful move on slow physical attacks (like Flareon and Umbreon). At the expense of speed, you boost your physical attack. Several builds of Umbreon run this move.

Torkoal (Lvl. 12) + Eevee

Detect is a useful move as it will allow a Pokemon to evade any given attack. Like Endure and Protect, the more it is used, the greater chance it will fail.

Patrat (Lvl. 11) + Eevee

Endure is a must for the Pokemon you want to just soak hits and are regularly facing dangerous threats. As it ensures you will survive with One HP, it can be very useful.

Male Swinub (Lvl. 14) + Eevee

Fake Tears:
Fake Tears is a great move to have in the wings for some of the Eevee forms. Most of them, with a few exceptions, depend on their Special Attack stat and this move can help against annoying Wallish Blissey and others of its kin.

Teddiursa (starts with) + Eevee
Zorua (Lvl. 9) + Eevee

Flail is an interesting move that increases its power as the user has less HP. Very useful on ones with Endure or just a tendency to remain standing after taking a hard hit. It’s a risky move, but on a fast Pokemon, it can be a sound final attack. All parents that can learn Flail learn it at 50+, so it may take a while to get it.

Phany (Lvl. 6) + Eevee

Natural Gift:
This move along could take a whole article thanks to the variety it offers. This is one of the few ways to give some odd attacks to Eevee or any of its evolutions. The attack's power and type depend on the berry that the Pokemon is holding.

Phany (Lvl. 19) + Eevee

Stored Power:
This is another odd move. It will take all the stat boost that a Pokemon has received and convert them into an attack. The move starts at a base power of 20 but can get up to 860. Getting it up to that point is very hard but it will destroy any Pokemon that it is used against.

Munna (Lvl. 47) + Eevee

Synchronoise is a move best used in Double/Triple/Rotation Battles. It will hurt Pokemon of the same type in the area surrounding it. This makes it somewhat impractical and hard to use in the best of cases. It is very poor form to have multiples of the same type in battle without very, very good reason.

Munna (Lvl. 25) + Eevee

Tickle is something that can help a situation with enough time. It drops both Attack and Defense. This is an impractical move perhaps, but someone might have a use for it.

Aipom (Lvl. 15) + Eevee

Wish heals the Pokemon for half its max HP the turn after it’s used. Any tanking, wall or support style Eevee will want this move on their list both for themselves and for their team-mates.

MALE Togetic (Lvl. 29) + Female Pikachu -> Male Pikachu (grown from a Pichu) + Eevee

Yawn is a wonderful attack to have. It makes a Pokemon drowsy at its use (no effect) but the next turn the Pokemon falls asleep. A very useful attack that shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of its applications (like giving Leafeon a chance to Swords Dance)

Munna (Lvl. 7) + Eevee