Tomb Raider Walkthrough Part 15 – Cry For Help (Comm Room to Mountain Base)

Inside here Lara is surrounded by steam pipes. Move forward carefully then mash the melee button to break on through the vent. After that turn to the right and head off your present platform. Go straight on to the camp site and rest there a moment. There is nothing special but it is good to tag it regardless. Head to the West after that, along the broken bridge.

As Lara passes the Truck she will be attacked by another of the Solarii. Hit the prompted button rapidly then finish this person with a melee attack to send him plummeting into the canyon below. Remain behind the truck and pull out the bow. There are 3 more Solarii to deal with. One is behind the barrel ahead on the right while the other 2 come from the left. One will drop down onto the path Lara is on and come at her while the second remains on top of the building and fires arrows at her. Stay near the truck and take them out.

With that done, look behind the truck. You will find the first GPS Cache of the area. After that head to the South. Move over to the edge of the nearby wall and look up. There is an Archer and a Sapper up there. Take them down as quickly as possible. Additionally you will be attacked by 2 Chargers Kill them all them press on to the south, where the first elevated Archer was.

Climb up the wall and head around to the back of the building. In the Southwestern corner Lara will find the first relic of the area. Grab it then move back behind the building for cover. Now there are 3 Solarii to worry about. 2 are on the top floor of the building opposite Lara and will be shoot at her with arrows. The third sits a floor down and throws Molotov Cocktails at Lara. Kill off the 2 Archers first then work on the Sapper on the floor below. With all of them dead head for the opposite building now and climb into it. More Solarii will begin attacking you as you approach. It is just 2 Archers and a Charger, so you know what to expect. From there just kill them off using whatever methods work best for you then get onto the second floor of the building. There you can loot the body of the third attacker from the last set but also find a Orange Cache. Look to the right of that, near the bed roll on the ground, to find another Document from Mathias.

Drop out of the building and head over tot he West, climbing the nearby wall. Immediately get to cover as the next building has a number of Solarii who will immediately start attacking you. There are 3 Archers, one of which can sometimes throw Molotov Cocktails in the building. Second you have 3 Chargers who will come at Lara. Stay in cover and deal with them via melee first so it is safer and easier to attend to the Archers next. After that, drop down and head toward the building. You are now introduced to the Shield Solarii. While this seems like an intimidating fight it has a simple trick to it. To defeat this Solarii you need to close in, dodge his attack and then counter with a melee attack while behind him. You need to do this quite a few times to take him down. Once you do a Sapper will appear from the building and attack Lara. Take him down with a ranged weapon. Loot both the bodies to enjoy a potential weapon piece.

Head into the building those two dead. Go into the back part and take the stairs up to the second floor. Head over to the left and turn to the right, passing the second set of stairs to find a door. Pry the door open with the Axe to find the Second Relic. Rotate it around for additional information. Now head for the stairs and take them to the roof of the building. At the top turn to the left and head over to the camp. Go to the rug past the fire and grab the Document sitting there. It is another page from Mathias' journal. Now hop onto the Zipline running to the East. Look on the opposite side of the Burning Barrel to find the Mountain Base Treasure Map. After that use the Zipline to return to the camp and then move on.