Tomb Raider Walkthrough Part 12 – Cry For Help (Northern Mountain Village)

Continue on up to the first landing. Once here look to the right to find the next wall you need to scale up. This time you need to jump at it and catch it with the axe. Climb to the top and then duck behind the wood at the top. There are 3 Solarii Guards that are talking to each other. After the conversation look to the left where the 2 Solarii are. Take them out quickly with some careful bow shots after planting an arrow into the wall to distract them. Now move out of your initial cover and over to the left. Duck into the bush and look to the right. There you will get a clear view of the remaining guard. Quickly get him as well.

Start by going over to the right with the guards dead. You will find the corpse, a Salvage box and on the table a Document as well. Grab all of that then head out to the left. Climb up the outside wall of this small hut to get to the roof of it. On the same side you will find the Seventh GPS Cache. Now turn around and jump for the nearby ledge and scamper up it. Light your torch using the nearby fire source then burn the netting for some Salvage. Now cross to the opposite side of the river, jumping from rock to rock, to make it to the statue there. Light the Brazier there.

Tome to make for the opposite side of the area where the 2 guards were. Drop down to the area below, the base of the waterfall. Loot the 2 Guards and look to the right. You will see something shiny. Head over to it and grab it to find the seventh GPS Cache. Head back into the building properly and look to the sides of the door. On the left you will find an opening that you can use to climb upwards, do so. Open the XP Cache box then turn around and head over to the left. You will find a bit more wall to climb. Do so and swing over to the right then have Lara pull herself up. On this top floor, to the left, you will find the next Relic. Look at it from the top down and examine it further to find some small bone fragments inside the mortar well. Now head back out to where you climbed up. Look for the crates and use those to climb up farther, onto the roof. Here you will find the second set of eggs for the Poacher Challenge.

Turn to the North and jump to the ledge across from you. If you miss, just use the Climbing axe to arrest Lara's fall. Cross over to the far side now and turn to the North. Above the steam you will see a craggy wall within jumping distance. Jump over to it and climb up it with the Axe. After that just jump from that ledge to the next portion of wall and climb up it. As Lara nears the top, the bridge to the left will give some. Head to the end of it and jump. Lara needs to catch herself on the far side of this lunge with her Axe. Just climb up the wall and start up the stairs through the opening in the wall. As Lara gets to the top she will hear from Reyes and Alex via the radio. Head on forward to continue. When you reach it, take the zipline down.

At the base of the Zipline Lara is immediately attacked by 3 Solarii Guards. Pull out whatever weapon you have and take them down. One is an Archer, one a sapper (with Molotovs) and one that comes in at Lara for melee. Take them out then head to the end of the area they were in. To the right you will see a burning barrel. Light your Torch with it and then turn around and burn the nearby netting for more Salvage. After that head through to the end of the little opening. This will lead to a cutscene and another bit of the recorded footage that Sam made.