Follow this simple guide to install the Skyrim Creation Kit:

1) Launch your Steam client. Log into your steam account if you are not logged in.

2) Go to your Games Library (By Clicking on LIBRARY)

3) On the top portion of your steam interface, to the right of "search", click on where it says "All Games" to expand the drop down list. See screenshot below.

Skyrim Creation Kit Installation

4) This will bring up a list of tools. Most of them will probably say "Not Installed". They are sorted alphabetically. Look for the one named "Creation Kit".

5) Right Click on it. You should see several options including Install game, view news, recommend to friends, add to favorites, create desktop shortcut, and properties.

6) Left click on "Install Game..."

Skyrim Installation of Skyrim Creation Kit

7) You should see a new window which says "Install - Creation Kit. You are about to Install Creation Kit". It will tell you how much disk space is required, how much disk space you have available, and the estimated download time. The Skyrim Creation Kit does not take much space, you only need 40 mb for it, so you most likely have more then enough room on your hard drive. Click on Next after reviewing the numbers.

8) Next you will be presented with the Download Terms and Conditions for this tool. Note that Bethesda Softworks provides this software utility download on a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK basis. You can learn more about what the creation kit does: "This downloadable editor, titled the Creation Kit (The "Editor"), enables the user ("You") to create new or customized levels or otherwise adjust your experience in using the copy of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim software product purchased by you. All uses of the Editor and any materials created using the Editor (the "New Materials") are for your own persona, non-commercial use solely in connection with the applicable product... In other words, no, you cannot create mods and sell them for profit without consent from Bethesda.

After you have gone over the agreement, click on "I Agree".

9) The next window will let you create a start menu shortcut to Creation Kit and a desktop shortcut to Creation Kit. Choose which shortcuts you with to create (if any) and click on "Next".

10)  It should now say "Preparing Creation Kit files for install" and then "Steam is now downloading Creation Kit. You can track the progress of the download in the Steam Downloads view. You can safely exit and restart Steam, and the download will automatically resume."

This concludes the tutorial on installing the Skyrim Creation Kit.