In this easy to follow tutorial, we will be making a new weapon with the Skyrim Creation Kit, and we will add an enchantment effect to it (Frost Damage). This tutorial builds on knowledge from previous chapters, so make sure to go over the previous articles.

1) Launch Skyrim Creation Kit

2) Set your plugin files to the active file

3) In the Object Window, bring up Items->Weapons to populate the list of all the weapons from the game. We will base our new weapon on an existing weapon, in this canse an Iron Warhammer.

4) Scroll down through the Editor IDs and find the one called "IronWarhammer"

5) Right click on it and duplicate it to make a copy

6) Right click on the new copy of the Iron Warhammer. Choose "Edit"

7) First, change the following basic attrtibutes:
ID  = IceCrusher
Name = IceCrusher

Increase it's damage and stagger by a little also. You can make it as powerful as you like for the purpose of this tutorial, but when you later create real mods, it's best to try and keep things as balanced as possible.

8) Left click on the "Enchanting" drop down and see the various enchantments. You will see many different enchantment effects that are at your disposal. You can even make new enchantments, but we will cover that in a later chapter. Scroll down to EnchantWeaponFrostDamage06 and select it. The rank of the enchantments go from 01 to 06, with 01 being the weakest effect, and 06 being the strongest.

Skyrim Creation Kit Enchantments

9) We just gave our weapon an enchantment, but we need to give it some charges. Double Right Click on the enchantment name in the enchanting window. You should see something like this:

Skyrim Creation Kit Enchantment Costs

Note the Enchantment Cost in the lower right corner. In our case, it has a value of 46.

10)  In the "Enchantment" field,  put in 460 to give the weapon 10 charges

11) Click OK then and save the weapon (Click no when it asks you to create a new form, and yes in the next dialog box)

12) Save the plugin and launch Skyrim. Make sure to verify under "Data Files" that you have the plugin selected.

13) Type in the console "help icecrusher" to see the code for it.

14) Type in the console player.equipitem (your code here) to equip the weapon on your character

15) Examine the weapon in the inventory to verify that it has the enchantment on it.

Skyrim Creation Kit Ice Crusher