This tutorial assumes you have already installed the Skyrim Creation Kit on your computer. If you have not done that yet, see the first part of our tutorial for instructions.

To launch the Skyrim Creation Kit, follow the steps below:

1) Launch your Steam Client (if not already online)

2) Click on "LIBRARY" which will take you to your games Library

3) If it says "All Games" on the top, click on the drop down list and choose "TOOLS"

4) Scroll down to the tool called "Creation Kit". It should say "Ready to Play". If it instead says "Not Installed", right click on it and choose the install game option.

5) Click on "Play Game..."

6) A window should now pop up which says "Creation Kit - Steam. Preparing to launch Creation Kit".

7) If this is the first time you have launched the Creation Kit, it will then say that it's performing first time setup, which can include steps such as installing Microsoft Register Server.

8) Once this is done, you will see the creation kit come up, which should look something like this, since you don't have much data yet:

Running the Skyrim Creation Kit

This concludes the tutorial on how to run the Skyrim Creation Kit.