In this simple tutorial, we will be creating a new item (Weapon) using the Skyrim Creation Kit, and then we will equip it to our character and test it on some unlucky enemies. This tutorial assumes you have read through, and understand, the previous chapter in our Skyrim Creation Kit Tutorial series. Also, underneath in the "related links" section, you will find the link to a video on Youtube which shows the steps presented herein.

1) Load the Skyrim Creation Kit

2) Make sure your plugin is the active file

3) Go to Items-> Weapon. There should be a big list of weapons listed in the Object Window now.

4) Scroll down the Editor IDs to find a weapon with the id of "IronSword"

5) Right click on it, and press DUPLICATE

6) There should now be a weapon called something like IronSwordCOPY000. Right click on it, and press EDIT

7) Change the following attributes:
ID = GiantKiller
Name = GiantKiller
Damage = 10000
Stagger = 10

Skyrim Creation Kit MAking new weapon

Feel free to play around with some other values, such as Weight and Value. Click OK

8) A window will pop up, "Create New Object? Old ID: IronSwordCopy0000 New ID: GiantKiller. You have changed the Form's Editor ID. Create a new Form?" Click on "No". It will then ask you, "Are you sure? This object is currently in use by 0 objects and 0 references." Click on "Yes".

9) Click on the Disk icon to SAVE your mod

10)  Load Skyrim, with your plugin file active

11) Once in game, press the tilda button ~ to bring up the console

12) Type in 'help GiantKiller'

13) Look for the line that says something like:
WEAP: (02002DB7) 'GiantKiller'
You can use the PageUp button to scroll through the console messages if it is offscreen
The number in parenthesis is the item code.

14) Type in: Player.EquipItem 02002DB7
(Obviously, replace the code above with your own item code)
This will equip your new weapon. Alternatively, you can type in:
Player.AddItem 02002DB7 1
to add the item to your inventory without equipping it. Then you can go to your inventory and equip it yourself

15) Bring up your inventory and observe the stats on the new weapon

Skyrim Creation Kit New GIantKiller Weapon

16) Assuming you gave it the damage we suggested (10,000), this weapon should kill any enemy in one hit. Go play with it to test your new toy.

This concludes the tutorial showing how to create a new item. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.