Christmas Xmas Holidays

  1. AtticCollection

    No matter how you say it the year is drawing to a close. Wow where did it go ?? Not sure. We are now in the reflecting part of the year so maybe we should stop and think of time spent, time to come and the here and now. Maybe just maybe if we slow down for five we could save lives, help just one less fortunate, make someone happy, put a smile on someone's face, just be their shoulder to cry on, we could make things better for others and make their world better to live in.

    Happy Holidays Everyone and Slow Down and be Safe
  2. Alienai
    Went by way to fast and well, seems the big day will be here shortly! WOW...zoom, zoom, zoom!

    Happy Holidays to you and a great new year!
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  3. Purple Iris
    Purple Iris
    Heck, I'm wondering where the last five years went. It seems like time is going by faster and faster as I get older (and older). I just hope I can keep up. LOL

    The Purple Iris
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