Hello! I am new Member to Rarity Guide, and want to introduce myself.
I seek out collect, buy and sell, many different items, Especially vintage Jewelry.
I run 3 different Auctions online and sometimes have trouble "pricing" correctly my vintage items. one particular one that I have, is an Original Dan Blocker 8x10 B & W Photo, which is signed by him.
I know that dan Blocker HATED to give out Autographs, and his Signature is rare.
I was given this photo of Mr Blocker, by my Step dad, who's nephew runs a holly wood movie animal ranch in california. I know this Photo is the real deal.
Any insights as to its value would be Helpful?
also, if any of you have questions about retro/ vintage jewelry I would be happy to help research ans share my knowledge with you as well . being an Experienced top rated Ebay seller ( see Uniquebotique1), Web store( see botiqueunique and Online Auction ( see Botiqueunique) seller, I may also be able to help you!
Anyway, thanks for having me. lookinf forward to further posting!
Thanks a Million~