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    Default How do you add a poll to a thread?

    How do you add a poll to your thread? I've seen several polls posted but can't figure out how to post one myself

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    When you post a new thread, you will see on the bottom an option which says:

    Yes, post a poll with this thread

    Just check that option, and after you submit your post it will allow you to create the poll.

    If you forgot to check that option and still want to add a poll, don't worry. Just click on "Thread Tools" on top of the post and you will see the option "Add a poll to this thread". Click on that and follow the instructions. (Note that this option will only be available for a limited time after posting the original thread)
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    Default Re: How do you add a poll to a thread?

    Polling of a thread is good technique to get the solution of the problem. i appreciate the members helping out here.



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