Hey everyone my name is sadtrek and i would like to take this time to get a quick poll on members. I'm not sure if i can post this here so if I'm violating the rules mods feel free to delete this post right away, however i just had some quick questions real fast. Anyways my question is can i use bots and cheats in star trek online? Also what if im at the computer when using bots? I know some other games allow it so im not sure. For example if i search on the net for star trek cheats or star trek bots here is an example of 2 sites that came up. STO Star Trek Online Bots From a site called mmoviper, and STO Star Trek Online Cheats from a site called taultunleashed.

These sites have all sorts of in games bots, radars, guides, cheats, hacks and more. These give players an extra advantage in the game. So where does the line stay? I mean can i use bots in the game if im at the keyboard? What if i just use a radar program? What if i use cheats in the game that arent very big? Can i use leveling guides for star trek online?

If you arent aware im somewhat new to mmorpgs so i just wanted to get some feedback about people using things like this so i can at least know where the boundries are, because the last game i played was asherons call and the basically allowed anything as long as you where at the computer while using them. I just want to know what i can do because it sucks that i see myself falling behind people because they are using this stuff and im not. Well anyways thanks for whomever took the time to read this and hopefully give a reply as to what my best course of action is going to be.