Cool fleet with lots of cool people, going to be the best fleet in Star Trek Online!

Official omega fleet website: Omega Fleet: News

Omega fleet post on Star Trek Online official forums: The Omega Fleet - Star Trek Online Forums

Omega Fleet charter: Omega Fleet: Omega Fleet Charter

Omega fleet enlist page: Omega Fleet: Enlistment

Enlist instructions:

Register an account on Star Trek Online.

Send Jezzer a PM with the intent to join the ranks of Omega Fleet on Star Trek Online.

Obtain the Cadet Avatar and Signature for your Star Trek Online account from Jezzer.

Register with the fleet's private forums.

Introduce yourself on both the Star Trek Online and Omega Fleet Private Forums.

Obtain Ventrilo and follow these instructions.

Select a division that is of interest and notify Jezzer of the divisional selction.

Fill out the Omega Fleet Cadet Form.

Complete the necessary Kobayashi Maru tests for your selected division during the probationary period.

Wait out the three (3) week probationary period to become acclimated to the Star Trek Online and Omega Fleet communities. Please note that if a web bio is completed for your character then the probationary period is reduced by one (1) week to a two (2) week period.

Please be aware that all fleet promotions occur on Saturdays.