Hi, friend! If you are an American, when asked whether you know about NFL games, perhaps your instant reply is ďAre you kidding? I love it! All American love it! But ,hey, I donít know much about it. You know what? Ping-pong is the pride of our nation and football is your pride and joy. Donít feel sorry for me, because I would like to start getting to know about NFL. Want to know why? Follow me.
Remember the excitement from fans when Michael Jordan appeared on the NBA court? You can even hear the shouts of Chinese fans in their school canteens. NBA is very popular with Chinese people, especially among the teenagers and college students. They can easily tell you their favorite stars. Air Jordan has been a legend to the world, but stars like Kobe Bryant is also known to all NBA lovers in China. Just like you know Brett Favre.
However, NFL is a newcomer to China. NBA spends at least twenty years making its name in China. Now basketball becomes part of our daily life. People watch it on TV. They talk about it after class and work. They celebrate when their favorite team wins the game. When players like Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian were chosen by NBA, we knew basketball would never leave us .Our attention will always be given to NBA. Then what about football? Chinese footballers have let Chinese fans down all the time. Success in football games has been a dream of Chinese fans. how far is it from dream to success? There is always a long way to go. So another twenty years of American sports to be introduced into China?
NFL Being Introduced to Chinese people
Will NFL spends twenty years entering China like NBA? Or shorter? This is a difficult question to answer.
Chad Lewis, the former Tight End of Philadelphia Eagles, has come to China. Interesting enough, Lewis has a Chinese name as Lu Gaowei. When he speaks in his fluent Chinese in an interview by Őŕ—∂ ◊“≥, we find something different and we like this man. Dressed in his NFL jersey with number 89, Lu Gaowei seems amiable, lovely and very man. He talks and then more Chinese people get to know American football-----different from the football. We realize that another ball will hit China. NFL finally steps into our homeland.
Aroused by his spoken Chinese, I begin to listen to him carefully. I start to know who he really is, what his purpose is here in China, what the NFL is, what Touch Down is and want to know more about NFL.
Former Tighten End, Todayís Image Messenger
When asked his feeling towards the American football, he just repeats that it is fun and he loves it. When asked what NFL is to him, he tells Chinese people that the American football is a game that needs your being strong, smart and cooperative. When asked why he has number 89 for his jersey, he says ďevery number has its story.Ē The story about his number is relevant to his position in the team. When talking about Bird Nest, Lewis expresses his excitement for the visit to Beijing and looks forward to having an NFL game in Bird Nest. But he knows NFL has a long way to go before it is accepted by all China.
Iíd like to thank Lewis for his introduction of NFL. Like ping-pong, which is our pride, American people take pride in football. So I think if we would like our ping-pong game to be exported and be accepted, then we are able to accept and learn about NFL. Especially when you watch the NFL games, you will find it fun to enjoy.
First Impression of NFL games
Just as Lu Gaowei suggests, NFL football games are loved by all-American. When he enters the court, he could hear the shouts of all fans of every team. His teammates are willing to work together to get the top-------the Super Bowl. They seem to be a family----with 11 brothers fighting for the glory and for fun. It seems all these men love football more than anything else. They are cool and adored. In fact they are not just human beings, they are fighters. When they fight against their rivals, they are men---strong, brave, smart, and sly. They remind people of fighters in the battles. For me, they are like ancient Chinese terracotta warriors. The difference is war brings violence and death and tragedy, while NFL game brings fun and good life for people including players and fans----One for joy and the other for good life. When the worldwide financial crisis didnít beat NFL, we can believe that NFL could bring the world peace by its popularity among the world in the future. For sports will shorten the distance between you and me.

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