I have a Giant collection of Autographed photos from back in the old days for sale.
ALL come with COA from Nicholas R. Burczyk.

Dr. Burczyk is a forensic document examiner with a PhD in handwriting analysis. Dr.Burczyk was employed by a major autograph procurer in the 1980s and 1990s to view autographs and render professional opinions which would stand up in any COURT of LAW
A Dr. Burczyk certified autograph usually has a label affixed to the item with printed date of examination and Dr. Nicholas Burczyk's signature. This was in addition to an accompanying certificate, which was rather plain in appearance

I sell as a Hobby as you can tell by my prices at The DugOut at Bonanza - Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop, Photos, ...
Im retired and do nothing but purchase items where ever I find them.

Its good to be back here following eye surgery. I had no sooner signed up here at rarityguide then lost my sight. Im doing fine now.

Anyway, If you browse around im sure you will agree I have the best prices you will ever find anywhere. I would appreciate your business. I love this place.