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    Default tari 2600 Atlantis II 2 CIB and Contest T-Shirt spotted on Ebay

    Atari 2600 Atlantis II 2 CIB and Contest T-Shirt - eBay (item 220602542802 end time May-15-10 16:49:26 PDT)

    This is an original Atlantis 2 Cart, for the Atari 2600 system, sent to me by Imagic as the tiebreaker cart for their Defend Atlantis contest in 1982.

    Currently, this is one of only 19 original Atlantis 2 carts known in existence. It is rated 10 out of 10 ‘Unbelievably Rare’ on the AtariAge Rarity Guide.

    The game was used for less than a week in November of 1982 and has been stored in the box until April 15 of this year when it was played for testing purposes. I am the original owner. The cart was never loaned to anyone. The cart has always been in my sole possession.

    My story, and the history of the cart can be seen in this two-part video:
    Part One
    Part Two

    The box, tray, and cart are the original box, tray, and cart that were sent to me by Imagic in 1982.

    The box is creased along one side and there is creasing in two places on the back.

    The tray has creasing in one place at the bottom on the back.

    The cart’s label has started to give way slightly at the bottom left corner of the label. Other than that, the cart is in like-new condition. The contacts inside the cart are pristine. No cleaning agent has ever been used on the cart. The sheen and rich blackness of the shell is the cart’s natural, from-the-factory condition.

    The T-shirt is a prize that I won and received from Imagic as part of the contest. The T-shirt is well-used. The material is worn thin, but does not have any holes in it.

    More information about the cart can be found at AtariAge.com in the Atari 2600 Forum under the title "My Atlantis 2 Cart, My Story".

    Free Shipping: The cart, tray, box, and shirt will be shipped together to the winning bidder for free by Federal Express Next Day Air anywhere in the United States, with full insurance, once payment is deposited to Paypal.

    This is my first Ebay auction, so I do not have a seller rating. I will do everything I can to make sure that the transaction with the winning bidder goes smoothly, with prompt delivery of all items, and continual communication throughout the process to resolve any issues that may arise.

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    Default Re: tari 2600 Atlantis II 2 CIB and Contest T-Shirt spotted on Ebay

    Yeah, that sold for $6,982.82!

    The best part of that auction is the video...definitely check it out if you're a geek...or even just a geek at heart!



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