Light Pen + AnimAction + Art Master +Melody Vectrex LOT While these next two auctions are ones that Iím simply watching, this one is actually an auction Iím running. Rather than this being shameless self promotion, given the rarity of this accessory, it would be a shame not to feature it. It must be Christmas, because these things rarely appear on eBay...let alone two at once! See below for the second light pen as well.

Vectrex 3D Imager Ė Original 80ís Rare Retro GCE MB VGC I happen to have one of these. I honestly believe itís 3-D technology is better than the Master Systemís 3D glasses and the Virtual Boy. Itís super rare, so itíll be going for a pretty penny.

Vectrex Light Pen Original 80ís Version. GCE MB