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    Default Mario Bros. NES Origninal wallet spotted on Ebay

    Ok so not sure if it is rare or not but it is priced on ebay at $20,000. So it is either ultra rare, or someone just decided to put a ridiculous price on it. Can someone confirm?

    Hi, what you are looking at is an original Super Mario 2 (NES) wallet. The wallet has been in very extreme safe keeping since I was a young child. This wallet was given to me by someone that left me early in life and it is the last standing item that reminds me of them. I wish this to go to a very dedicated collector or original NES Super Mario memorabilia.
    Mario Bros. NES Origninal wallet MINT CONDITION - eBay (item 200403516736 end time Nov-17-09 19:54:05 PST)

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    Default Re: Mario Bros. NES Origninal wallet spotted on Ebay

    I doubt it is worth 20,000 dollars.
    If that is true, I am gonna keep my legend of zelda wallet in good condition!



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