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    Default Rise from your Graves! Review of Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis

    We have posted a review of Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis system in our Articles section



    “Rise from your grave!” is one of the most recognizable lines in gaming history. Altered Beast is responsible for giving rise to this and remains a favorite of gamers the world over. I never really played this one in the arcades, where it gained most of its renown, instead I was introduced to it on a Sega Genesis and was instantly hooked. It was years later before I got a Sega Genesis and by then Altered Beast was no longer bundled with the system (I got a Core System, no game with it, though my parents did get me Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with it). I personally spent a long time chasing after this game and it was indeed a very sweet victory when I was able to take it home and play on what was now my own copy of the game. While it will still on my shelf for fairly lengthy times this game is never forgotten in my mind. When the mood strikes me I load it into my Genesis, grab a friend if possible and play for as long as I can.


    Zeus calls to you, his fallen champion, to rise and rescue his daughter Athena from the clutches of Neff. You give chase, battle the Demonic and Undead Hordes at Neff’s command.


    This game offered something new for the time and remains the original for this concept: Multiple transformations. Each stage has the player transform into a different creature which they then use to battle through the rest of the stage and take on the Boss. At this point you’re one-shotting enemies who previously took a few punches or kicks to take down. Each form also has its own special attack: The Werewolf charges...

    Read the full review here:
    Rise from your Graves! Altered Beast
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    Default Re: Rise from your Graves! Review of Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis

    Dont think I've played Altered Beast, but it sounds fun. I'll have to try it.



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