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    Default I just can't wait to be King! The Lion King for Genesis Review

    A review of the game The Lion King for the Sega Genesis



    This system, the Genesis is always a blast from the past for me. Lots of good memories of fun and challenging games are from this system and the SNES. This particular game saw its release on both. I only bothered to buy it for this one system, so it set which I would review it for years ago. Itís a good game for a good movie. One of the few cases the game wasnít too bad for being based on a movie.


    If youíve seen the Lion King, you know the story. But itís got a good bit of depth to it. As well there were parts that were exclusive to the game. Simba plays both as cub and lion. He loses his father, has to run away, lives with his friends Timon and Pumba, eventually coming back to challenge Scar.


    Simba is featured playing around, running into the Elephant Graveyard, running away, living with Timon and Pumba. Some of the more influential songs of the...

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    I just can't wait to be King! The Lion King for Genesis Review
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    Default Re: I just can't wait to be King! The Lion King for Genesis Review

    Classic game



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