The Spoils of War

RIFT 1.2
Prelude to riches
Beginning May 4th, fragments of ancient golden dragon shell will appear wherever there are Earth or Fire rifts, and mysterious coins will rain down into Sanctum and Meridian. Until RIFT 1.2: The Spoils of War goes live on May 10, the Ascended will have a chance to collect these artifacts in new daily quests, earning coveted rewards such as plaques, rare artifacts, and crafting currency.

Read all about the RIFT 1.2: The Spoils of War prelude event.

The Spoils of War
Coming May 10

Plunder. What more could motivate degenerates of the Golden Maw? There is no place and no time, in this dimension or any other, where the Cult of Laethys does not seek riches. Indeed, if the Ascended hope to counter the greed of the Golden Maw, they must learn to see between time streams and battle the cults wherever—and whenever—they rear their heads.

Luckily, the war of the rifts offers rewards not only to scheming cultists but to glorious Ascended. Whether arming themselves with the treasures of alternate timelines, gaining another combat role, or customizing their appearance, the Chosen have earned these Spoils of War.

RIFT 1.2 Summary
SLIVERS: The Planar Goods merchants in Meridian and Sanctum now sell any Ascended the power to view slivers – Omen Sight for Guardians and Quantum Sight for Defiant. These new abilities allow you to discover entrances to alternate time streams, including the way to the Gilded Sanctum, a raid instance intended for 10 players.
You may now purchase a 5th role at your Calling trainer!
New Looking for Group tool helps you band together with other Ascended.
CRAFTING RIFTS: Lures for Crafting Rifts are obtained by completing the new weekly crafting quests. These rifts drop raw materials, augments, and other goodies for crafters. Reaching the final stages gives a chance of obtaining an additional plaque!
Across-the-board improvements for PvP rewards and dailies.
Many bosses (especially in Expert Dungeons) have had a pass done to bring them in line with their intended difficulty and to make them more fun for melee-damage characters.
Many improvements to Auction House UI.
Use Appearance Slots to set up outfits that display regardless of what you wear for stats.
Facebook integration lets you post updates and screenshots from Telara to your wall.
Much, much more!
Raid the Slivers
In these dire times, every choice the Ascended must make balances Telara on the edge of a blade. In this dimensional maelstrom, every possible outcome could play out in its own pocket dimension. Those Ascended who purchase what the Guardians call Omen Sight and the Defiant call Quantum Sight can see slivers of these alternate dimensions, and lead their fellow heroes to stop the dire possibilities within from coming to fruition.

In one such "Sliver" of possibility, the Golden Maw has stolen a relic of Laethys and brought it to Goldenstone Sanctum, where they hope to use it to awaken the Dragon of Greed. Confronting the cult within this pocket of alternate time, the Ascended can discover the artifact’s location, ensuring their own dimension can be protected from the cult’s plot. Slivers like this one are dangerous, often requiring a large team of heavily-armed heroes, but offer amazing rewards to those willing to brave the gulf between space and time.

Learn another Role
The Ascended are already incredibly adaptable, switching between four combat roles to meet any challenge or foe. Yet among the Spoils of War comes a new, fifth role, giving you almost as many ways to slay the dragons as there are dragons to slay!

Appear as you wish
People remember heroes as much for their legendary deeds as for their iconic appearance: Cyril in his heavy metal, Asha in her breastplate. Now every Ascended can define the way they look, no matter what gear they wear.

Appearance Slots allow you to assign your character’s outfit. No longer must you surrender your imposing and lovingly-dyed piece of armor to wear a more magically potent piece that doesn’t match your style. With Appearance Slots, you can control not only how the people tell your story, but the image of heroism seared forever into their minds.

Seek out allies
As Defiant and Guardian ranks swell, the new Looking for Group system will help you find allies for every dungeon. Sign up as an individual or group and LFG will fill out your party with the necessary roles. New dungeon quests reward you for doing up to three random dungeons per day.

Facebook integration
Broadcast your adventures beyond Telara with our new Facebook integration. Once you log into your Facebook through the RIFT patcher, you will be able to send updates directly to your wall. Using the game interface, just type “/fb” followed by any text you like to post a message, or “/fbpic” to post your message and a screenshot of whatever you’re looking at.

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