hey guyes so i've been interested in buying / investing in a N64 game i set a 1.5k max and a 700$ min on what i'm investing in. and from all the information i found Yoshi's story. is the best game to invest in.

Because i see it everywere from 599.99-699.99 mint no picture or anything tho (big downfall) while on n64 stock sites the games been going up in value quite a bit.

so i've found one from 999.99 with a VGA on it. if you dont know what it is i'ts a game authenticity site that puts the grade of condition on the game and it is 100% real.VGAing an n64 game usually costs 280$

this one has grade 90 (which is very rare)

im wondering if it is a good investment? anyone wana let me know of a price you've seen an (ungraded) one for?