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    Tree Trog: Dino-mite Review

    Trog! for the NES Nintendo Entertainment System Review



    Trog was one of the many Pac-man Clones popular back in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The goal is simply to run around, gathering the appropriate colored eggs, hit home and escape the scene. The game is apparently 50 levels long. It’s a simple game, with a simple premise.


    You play as either Spike or Bloop who are attempting to outsmart the dull-witted Trogs. They will smash you, roast you, smoosh you with a Pogo Stick, roll you over with a wheel to enjoy some Dino-mite. Dinos love Trog eggs and Trogs love Dino-meat.


    The Trogs change a bit over time, gaining different abilities: lighting fires, rolling wheels, leaping onto your head. The Dinos get to be faster with the Red Flower, breathe Fire with the Tamale, munch Trogs with the help with the Pineapple, Freeze with the Ice Cube. Watch out for the mushrooms as they’ll...

    Continued at:
    Trog: Dino-mite Review
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    Default Re: Trog: Dino-mite Review

    Was an ok game, still preferred to play Pacman though



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