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    Default red and black deck want help to improve

    I would greatly apreciate help. thanks in advance


    Dragonskull summit x 4
    Mountain x 12
    Swanp x 6


    Ash Zealot x 1
    Carnival Hellstead x 1
    Gorehouse Chainwalker x 2
    Hellhole Flailer x 2
    Hound of Griselbrand x 1
    Rakdos Cackler x 3
    Rakdos Shred-Freak x 4
    Vexing Devil x 4

    Instant's and Sorcery's:

    Auger Spree x 2
    Brimstone Volley x 2
    Devil's Play x 1
    Dreadbore x 2
    Mizzium Mortar x 2
    Pillar of Flame x 2
    Rakdos Charm x 2
    Searing Spear x 4
    Tragic Slip x 4

    Side Board:
    Annihilating Fire x 3
    Appetite for Brains x 1
    Brimstone Volley x 2
    Murder x 2
    Pillar of Flame x 1
    Rakdos Charm x 2
    Transguild Promenade x 2
    Ultimate Price x 2

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    Default Re: red and black deck want help to improve

    1. Drop Vexing Devil for Zealots and a Cackler.
    2. Drop Shred-Freaks for Crimson Muckwader.
    3. Drop Carnival Hellsteed and Hound of Grislebrand for Hellriders.
    4. Drop Augur Spree for more Brimstone Volleys.
    5. Drop Rakdos Charm for more Pillar of Flame.

    In the SB: Drop the Promonades, Brimstones and Pillar of Flame for more Appeteites and removal spells.



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