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    Default Help with deck under construction

    Hello everyone,

    i'm building a new deck which will be played against my friends only and not in any tournament or such things. We don't care about legality or u could say that we play vintage or legacy. The cards that i would like to use are

    4 gilded lotus
    4 diabolic tutors
    4 counterspells
    2-4 mask of avacyn
    2-4 blue sun's zenith
    4 animate artifact
    4 freed from the real
    1-2 djinn illuminatus
    1-2 fervor
    1 pact of the titan
    1 memnarch
    1 banefire
    about 24 blue and red lands

    i want my deck to be as closest to 60 cards as possible.
    the basic strategy is to play a guilded lotus and enchant it with animate artifact then as an artifact creature enchant it with freed from the real so i can tap and untap gilded lotus an unlimited amount of times and then just to be sure it stays in play i would then equip it with mask of avacyn so it would gain hexproof. if i manage to accomplish that in a game then with the rest of the cards i could have 4 possible endings to any game.
    a) use blue sun's zenith and force an opponent to draw all his cards from his deck
    b) use memnarch and gain control of all of an opponents' permanents and use them to attack him
    c) put djinn illuminatus into play along with fervor and then cast pact of the titan and replicate it as many times as i want so i could attack with fervor right away
    d) use banefire and pay for all the mana required to eliminate an opponent as it can't be countered or prevented if it's 5 or more.

    the problem that i have is that if i were to put all enchantments and equipment to a guilded lotus and cast also guilded lotus in the same turn i would need 17 mana in one turn. now if i were to cast them one at a time i would still need 3-4 turns to make this happen.
    as a result the first 6-8 turns i would be vurnerable to anything my opponent would do and in case he plays rush decks i could even lose the game before doing anything at all.

    so i would like to ask for suggestions and ideas on how to make my guilded lotus come into play faster and if that could not be achieved any other idea on how this deck could work fine in the first rounds.

    any help appreciated
    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Help with deck under construction

    try some global damage such as earthquake, pyroclasm, and a few decent walls for early game such as wall of tanglecord and steel wall.
    take a look at wall of shadows it can stop some prity hefty damage.

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    Default Re: Help with deck under construction

    This thread was abandoned nearly a year ago. Try to avoid necroposting, especially when the user made a post and left the site.



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