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    Default magic the gathering most competitive decks

    what are the most competitive decks in magic

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    Default Re: magic the gathering most competitive decks

    first of in magic there are dirrent typs of tournaments. the diffrent formats allow you to play with a diffrent card pool. that means every format will have diffrent decks at the top of the pile. the competative formats are (sorted in aceding cardpool size):

    block constructed (currently zendikar block constructed)

    the first three are called constructed formats. that is because you build your own deck beforhand unlike in limited (wich i will ignor here for this very reason) where you build your deck from cards you optain at the beginning of the tournament (either some form of draft or sealed). in either case, you cant tell what you will play befor you open the bossters in limited.

    the last two are also constructed formats but are not called constructed but eternal. wizards does not like these formats because here you can play with any card ever made. that results eternal player almost never buying booster so they are useless to wizards on an economical level. that seems to be all wizard cares about these days, so eternal formats get minimal support.

    there are also alternate formats such as pauper (commons only) or EDH (100 card deck with no card more than once and a legendary creature that is your general and has special additional rules).

    so each of these will have thier own top decks. if you were to test them all aginst one another you would quickly reaslie that the only decks with a chance of winning are vintage decks and may be one / two legacy decks if they get lucky.

    now i could give you a list of the top decks in each formats but that wont tell you much about the decks if you dont know them already. for example "steel city vault", "welder stax", "mud" "grim long" and "angel oath" are some of the best decks in vintage. anyone who does not know that already i would have to explain those decks + a few more and thats just for 1 format. since i dont feel like writing about 50-60 primers (probably more) just to answer you question (especialy since almost all users here have not given me any recocnition for length work in the past) i wont.

    if you can phrase your question more specivicly it will be easier to answer. like what is the currently most successful deck in standard ? - answer jund. - cynical comment gee standard is unbelivably boring! ^^



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