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    Default PETITION to WotC

    It irks me that both Singing Tree and Utopia Tree are Plants yet not Treefolk. Now that I think about it, shouldn't all Treefolk also be Plants? I propose a petition here and now for WotC to errata all "tree" cards to be both Plants and Treefolk. If you agree, show you support by posting. Keep this thread alive. Together we can save this game that we love so much. Tree-huggers of the world UNITE!

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    Default Re: PETITION to WotC


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    Default Re: PETITION to WotC

    I would sign the petition sure...

    What would it all be as a summon?

    Creature - Treefolk Plant ?

    One of my friends recently had an issue with Treefolk and Warrior...we had an argument when I put out Coat of Arms...he thought he could put double the amount of +1/+1 counters on because he thought they counted as both a Treefolk and a Warrior...

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    Default Re: PETITION to WotC

    Signed. I really get annoyed with knights, soldiers, paladins, and to a lesser warriors. Yes they are all "technically" the same thing but via Coat of Arms they arent.

    And according to the parenthetical on the card no you only get the boost ONCE. see the goblin warriors they should be receiving an additional +1/+1 that the goblin shaman would not receive.

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    Default Re: PETITION to WotC

    ill sign this



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