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  1. As of last night I have been toying around with a dragon land destruction deck. It would have 4 dragonspeaker shaman. It would be a fun deck, though I am thinking about running seething songs. Rite of flames, and echoes for man's ramp.
  2. Glad we got it sorted then. Maybe I'll post some of my own up.
  3. Same. I am like you. I'll hop on a soap box and fight the good fight even when it isn't necessary sometimes. I am sorry, and I look toward to being friends. Gonna post my decks up soon, I look foward to your ideas and critic!
  4. No worries. As I said, I don't hold grudges. Just keep it in mind for next time - if you have a problem, I'll happily talk it out if you approach me in a calm, respectful manner.
  5. Man I was just talkin shit. I am on a cellphone. I am too lazy to start a crusade. Sorry man
  6. I run anything I find fun - I currently have 15 decks built and ready to go, along with 10 EDH decks. Unfortunately, MWS doesn't work well for me.

    By the by, regarding the stuff in the forum - I don't hold a grudge against you or anything. If I come off as insulting or anything, I apologise, as I honestly don't mean to - I'm just a very passionate person. And I would have been far more willing to listen to your complaints if you had approached me calmly and respectfully rather than mouthing off and starting a crusade against me, despite the fact that I've been doing this for a long, long time with no complaints. See what I'm getting at?
  7. Ok look. Obviously we don't agree on infect. Still I love magic and I think you have been playing for awhile. What kind of stuff do you run? If u wanna know what I run and wanna see the build u can ask me, plus we could play on magic workstation.
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