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  1. No, I do get it. And the card is still meant to be that way.
  2. no u dont get it i know about the cards like fire/ice that have 2 cards in one but its ok because they are both on same side, with the card i got its like fire/ice but instead on being on one side its on both sides so other player can know what the card is before playing it or he can say i am cheating because i know what the card is
  3. There is no problem with the card - it's meant to be like that.
  4. I see so many ppl complain here and so I thought you would fix it but no luck for me either I got one of those cards with picture on both sides too the card is no use for it since everyone can see what it is can you add me to the list of people that need card replacement also i am not buying more packs until this is fixed
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