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  1. is there more games like this
  2. thanks you for your time i wil try it now and let u now
  3. Hello Bullet,

    First this:
    I prommised the admin of this site that i will not send the 'free play poker game' to others. So will you please send a 'private message' when you have any questions about this game.

    First you have to install VMware-program, with that program you can open a virtual windows. You find that virtual window in the links i send you (vsp-1-11). When you have opend that virtual windows, you are in a 'looks like normal xp-windows' and you can play Supreme poker in that windows. 1 girls is allready in it, the others you have to downloand in your own windows and then copy and paste into that virtual windows.

    in this way you can play all girls for free.
    Sorry, i know it is a complex way to play this poker-game, but it is the only way to play it for free.

    When you still have problems, just send an private message !

  4. thanks for u help bat i stil can not play more girls how do i play of line and how do i
    unlock the girls Ty and how do i put in code
  5. i can see all the girls bad i can not play i do not now what to do pl help ty
  6. i can se girl2 but it is lock
  7. thanks for the links i open it and download it what is the next step
  8. how can i get more girls
  9. i play supreme only 1girl
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