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  1. Okay.
  2. Sure, just seems kinda random. I don't use the site, after all.
  3. So you will know about this code. Is it alright with you?
  4. Uuuuum kay, and why give it to me?
  5. Okay, I was making sure if you wanted to know about the code or the website. The code is for bringing more energy to your wish. Pretty cool, huh?
  6. No no, I know the website. Just wondering what the code is for.
  7. Arix, if you mean the website, I will tell you now. is a website you can make any wish on. I already tried the wbsite last year. It is really cool. I hope you will like it.
  8. It is a code from I just copied the code and pasted it. But I did not plagiarize, though. I hope it is alright for you. Or do you mean the website
  9. Um...what is that?
  10. Arix, I got a code from So you can see it I am putting it in here. I hope you like it.

    <br><br><a href="" title="real wishes granted" name="real wishes granted"><img src="" alt="real wishes granted" title="real wishes granted"/><br />real wishes granted</a><br><br>
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