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Thread: Skyrim MTG cards

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    Default Skyrim MTG cards

    These are not mine but I think they are very cool
    Magic cards based on the Skyrim game
    Source: What do you think? Should I make more? : skyrim - Reddit

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    Default Re: Skyrim MTG cards

    Pretty good overall, but a few notes:
    1. A few of the Dragons are way too small to be Dragons. Dragons tend to be 4/4 or bigger unless they're flavoured as young dragons. A fully grown 2/1 Dragon? That's just wrong.
    2. Summon Frost Atronarch - compare Call of the Herd.
    3. Sneak Attack - compare Dark Banishing.
    4. Blood Dragon's too powerful for the cost. Red is one of the worst colours at flying, and the Dragon bonus doesn't cover something like this, especially at common.
    5. What's the point of Sheogorath and Sanguine being creatures, if they exile themselves? They may as well just be an instant and a sorcery. Sheogorath, also, should be red.
    6. Guardian Stones is way too powerful.
    7. Paarthurnax - red doesn't have lifelink, at all, ever.
    8. Glass Sword - compare Vulshok Morningstar, or Trusty Dagger.
    9. Apprentice Fire Mage is, again, way too powerful. Hosers shouldn't be this ridiculous.
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