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    Default electric guitar storage best method how

    Whats the best way to store an electric guitar when youre not playing it for a long time

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    Default Re: electric guitar storage best method how

    First off loosen the pegs on the individual strings. That way they won't be applying pressure on the fret board while in storage.
    Temperature changes from hot to cold, cold to hot cause the wood to begin to warp and sag if the strings are tightened.
    Other than that you should have a case to protect it's surface, considering that you want to protect it from scratches, bangs, etc.
    A soft zippered case or a hard thick cardboard covered with a textured fabric is better, can take more bangs and other items, boxes etc. banging into it in the closet for a longer period of time.

    Also when playing the guitar I've also used wood wax to cover the fretboard once per month, and a rag to clean residue from sweat and dust/dirt from the fingers from the strings. Also a string lubricant. (Gibson has a nice brand for this). And a buff rag/cloth for buffing the outter portion of the guitar to keep it's sheen and buff up.

    I wish you well.

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    Default Re: electric guitar storage best method how

    As strings are the important part of a guitar, so losen it before u store to avoid pressure on the fret board.



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