Introductions and Talky Type Things!

  1. Mew93
    Well, hey, this is for anyone really, but it'd be cool if new members of the group came on and talked too! Just start off by posting your favorite Pokčmon, maybe your favorite Pokčmon related memory, what of it, just discuss!

    My favorite Pokčmon is, of course, Mew, because he's awesome! And my fondest memory would be me and my friend playing Battle Revolution, it was down to the wire, with my Mew against his Lugia. I used Metronome, got Zap Cannon, and won! Woo!
  2. umbreon
    Can you guess what my favorite pokemon is
  3. Mew93
  4. nobody679
    I've got 2 fav. pokemon
  5. Togepi
    what are they
  6. Togepi
    my favorite pokemon is togepi
  7. Mew93
    Lol, i'm guessing one of 'em is Lugia, nobody. and Togepi, that's a bit obvious :P
    So anyone got some good stories?
  8. Togepi
    you read this fight it was funny:
  9. nobody679
    the other one is feraligatr
  10. nobody679
    hey mew93! how about joning my group?
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