Happy Holidays!!

  1. blarney_stone

    Hi Everyone!!

    I just wanted to stop by and offer a heartfelt Welcome to our new group members, and wish you all a Fantastic Merry Christmas, and Happy New Yew Year!!

  2. Purple Iris
    Purple Iris

    Well, I'm not so new as I apparently joined a year ago and forgot. LOL Oh well, I found my way back and am glad to be here and see some of my fellow Bonz peeps.

    So, Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

    The Purple Iris
    "for affordable elegance, leisure and essentials"
  3. blarney_stone
    LOL!! Nicole...

    I have a million places I have joined, and long since forgotten. Nice to see you here!

    Hope everyone has the best Holiday Seasons Ever!!

  4. Tegger
    Hello, everyone, just joined from the information provided on Bonanza. No idea what I'm going to be able to do with this site.
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