We got a group? Kewl!!

  1. junkmountain
    LOL. I didn't know we had a group here. How cool is this! For those of you who know me....Hi (((wavin))). For those of you who don't, Hi (((wavin)))

    Junkmountain features over 1000 items including some old games and game parts. Plus a little of everything else under the sun. Come on by and visit. Browsing is always free. And I'm always willing to shoot the breeze in the live chat box under this wonderful New Mexico sun.

    Junk Mountain at Bonanzle - Books, Home & Garden, Music
  2. frstyfrolk
    I am also at Bonanzle as : frstyfrolk's Boutique at Bonanzle - Collectibles, Home & Garden...

    My first Bonanza is Sunday, Nov 22. 2009
  3. stuffyouneed
    Hi junk and frsty! We need more activity here...it's hard to find anything except pokeman stuff. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    BTW - Do you know why my avatar isn't showing up? It does some places and not others!
  4. Alienai
    alienai's booth at Bonanzle - Jewelry & Watches, Books, Collect...
    34% Off Sale - December 6th 2009 at 7am - 10am PST
    Shop for great Gift items!

    Hope to see you all there!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!
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