One of the biggest GI Joe vehicle lots i've ever seen. This one's definetly of interest to GI Joe collectors

Night Raven S3P (Missing Only 1 Missle!) (No Pilot)
(Two) Skystriker(s) (Both Almost Complete, Missing parachute Only, One has some damage)
Mamba (Complete with Box & Instructions) (no pilot)
Maggot (Complete With Instructions)
(Two) Sea Ray (One Complete With Instructions)
(Two) Dreadnok Thunder Machine(s) (One Complete)
Hydro Sled (instructions included)
Jet Pack (Complete)
Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball (Complete)
Buzz Roar (Complete, With Instructions)
Surveillance Port Battle Station
(Two) Persuader (Both Complete with Instructions, One Boxed with Back Stop Figure & Card Back)
(Three) Devilfish (One Complete, Two With Instructions)
(Two) S.L.A.M. (One complete in box)
Coastal Defender (Complete, With Instructions)
Brawler (complete)
Tiger Fly (complete)
Tiger Rat (95%)
Darklons Evader (Complete With Instructions)
(Two) Destros Razorback (One Complete With Instructions, One 95%)
Iron Grenadiers D.E.M.O.N. (complete with Instructions)
Stun (complete)
(Three) Equilizer(s) (Two are Complete, One With Instructions)
(Two) Lynx(s) (Both Complete, One With Instructions)
Mudfighter (Complete in stealth black, With Instructions)
Raider (Complete, but slight damage)
(Two) Thunderclap(s) (One Complete in Box with Instructions, One 75%)
(Two) Artic Blast (Both Complete, One With Instructions)
(Two) Cobra Bugg(s) (One Complete With Instructions)
(Three) Cobra FANG II (Two Complete, One With Instructions, One 90%)
(Two) Cobra HISS (Both Complete)
Snow Cat (Complete)
(Two) Cobra Night Attack 4-WD Stinger (One Complete)
Warthog A.I.F.V. (Complete With Instructions)
Self Propelled Cannon Slugger (95%)
(Three) Flying Submarine (One Complete)
(Two) Cobra Water Moccasin (One Complete)
Cobra RAttler (Complete)
(Two) Assault Copter Dragonfly XH-1 (One Complete)
Badger (Complete)
Cobra Ice Sabre (Complete)
Cobra Stun (95%)
(Three) Ferret(s) (All Complete)
(Two) Cobra Bunker(s) (One Complete in box, One 95%, Both With Instructions)
Cobra Rifle Range (Complete With Instructions)
Mortar Defense Unit (95% With Instructions)
Machine Gun Unit (Complete With Instructions)
Missle Defense Unit (Complete With Instructions)
Ammo Dump (Complete With Instructions )
Foward Observer (Complete With Instructions)
Hydrofoil Moray (Complete)
Night Landing (Complete)
HAVOC (Complete)
(Two) A.W.E. Striker (Both Complete)
Mauler M.B.T. Tank (Complete)
Silver Mirage Motorcycle
(Two) L.A.W. (Both Complete, One in Box)
Firebat (Complete)
Hovercraft Killer W.H.A.L.E. (Complete, but some damage)
(Two) Watch Tower Battle Station(s)
C.L.A.W. (Complete)
(Two) Cobra A.S.P. Assault System Pod (Both Complete)
(Two) Cobra F.A.N.G. (Both Complete, One with Instructions)
(Two) Cobra Paralyzer(s) (Both Complete)
(Two) Armadillo(s) (Both Complete, One With Instructions)
Battle Force 2000 Pulverizer (Complete)
(Three) Sky Hawk (All Complete)
Twin Battle Gun Whirlwind (Complete)
(Three) Cobra H.I.S.S. II (All Complete, One In Box With Instructions)
Rapid Fire Motorcycle RAM (Complete)
(Two) VAMP Mark II (One Complete With Instructions)
(Two) Motorized Battle Tank MOBAT (Both Complete)
Cobra Battle Barge (Complete With Instructions)
Cobra Adder Twin Missle Launcher (Complete)
Cobra IMP (Complete)
Iron Grenadiers Anti-Gravity Pod (Complete With Instructions)
Destros Despoiler (Complete With Box & Instructions)
Cobra Wolf (Complete)
Amphibious Personnel Carrier APC (Both Complete)
(Two) Skystorm X-Wing Chopper (One Complete)
Desert Fox 6WD (Complete)
Vector Jet (90%, some damage)
Retalliator (Complete In Box & Instructions)
(Two) Cobra Rage (Both Complete, One In Box)
Headquarter Command Center (Complete In Box, But Some Damage) (All Vehicles Pictured On Box Are Present In Collection!!)
(Two) Locust Copter (Both Compete, One With Instructions)
Starfighter (Complete in Box)
Hammer (Complete with Box)
Destro's Despoiler (Complete In Box)
Battle Bunker (MINT IN BOX)
(Two) Hammerhead(s) (One Complete, One Parts Only)
Mobile Battle Bunker (Complete)
Ninja Lightning (Complete)
Desert Vamp (Complete)
S.N.A.K.E. (Complete, With Instructions)
Crossfire Radio Control Car (Complete, No Driver)
Skimobile Polar Battle Bear (Complete)
Serpentor Instructions ONLY
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