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    Default Spotted on Ebay: one of the largest Transformers auction I've ever seen

    This one is definetly going to interest Transformers collectors. Huge lot of figures:

    Hello Transformer fans!!! Up for grabs is one of the largest G1 Transformer collections on Ebay to be auctioned.There are over 160 robots(includes Target,Head,and Powermasters).Featuring FORTRESS MAXIMUS, the rare and HTF D-307 OVERLORD, TAKARA Collection OPTIMUS PRIME and many more. There are also over 100 tech specs,over 65 instruction manuals, and some items are MIB. Most of these items are in new to fair condition with some loose joints and sticker wear, which is pretty typical for twenty year old toys. This is a great lot for collectors and sellers and the value of these robots will only increase with the new Transformer movie in production. I will try to describe each item to detail and what they include, so bear with me.


    Fortress Maximus-100% complete w/manual. Note: Radar Dish,Cerebros,and Cog guns are not original but custom remakes. D-307 Overlord-includes all 3 radar dishes, 1 jet turbine cover, 3 ramps, one large hand gun w/2 missiles, one dual laser blaster canon, tank barrel, grey car, power masters, MEGA and GIGA and instruction manual. Note: Power Master GIGA's right lower leg was broken but neatly repaired. OMEGA SUPREME-100% complete, electronics works, w/ tech specs and manual. METROPLEX- includes tank,Scamper with both arms, 6 Gun, one shoulder antenna, one rear tower, one double barrel cannon, tech specs and manual. TRYPTICON- includes two ramps, Full Tilt w/ electro-disruptor, 2 loading ramps, large tower, small tower, 2 tank treads, and large laser cannon, electronics work, inlcude tech spec and manual. SCORPONOK-includes Lord Zarak w/ helmet, FASTTRACK, anti-gravity gun and guard, tower/shield, 4 double barrel lasers, 2 ramps, and 2 leg guards/towers, includes tech specs and manual.


    SIDESWIPE-100% complete includes tech spec and manual. RED ALERT-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. MIRAGE- 100% complete includes tech specs and manual. Note: torso was broken, but neatly repaired, still transforms. KUP-metal foot version, 100% complete includes tech specs and manual. BLURR-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. WHEELJACK-100% complete, includes tech specs and manual. IRONHIDE-includes static laser gun,2 missiles and manual . TRACKS-(loose), includes beam gun, 2 missiles, 2 missile launchers and mount, includes tech spec and manual. RATCHET-includes 1 missile and manual, SMOKESCREEN (re-issue)-includes hand gun, 2 missile launchers and missiles and tech spec. SUNSTREAKER-100% complete-includes manual and tech specs. HOIST(re-issue)- 100% complete includes original G-1 tech specs and manual. PROWL-includes 2 missile launchers, 2 missiles, 1 laser gun (tip is broken off), includes tech specs,and manual. SKIDS-includes 1 rocket pod, 1 rocket, 1 nitrogen rifle, and electron blaster, includes tech specs and manual(Front page is torn but included). GRAPPLE-100%complete-includes manual and techspecs. TRAILBREAKER-100% complete,includes tech specs and manual. BLUESTREAK-TRU re-issue, MIB. TAKARA COLLECTION # 1- JAZZ-MIB. TAKARA COLLECTION # 14- HOUND-MIB. TAKARA COLLECTION #8-INFERNO, MIB. TAKARA COLLECTION #13-TARGET MASTER, HOT ROD, MIB. Target Master SURESHOT- 100% complete, in looseand in played with condition w/ some paint on it. CHROMEDOME-100% complete includes manual. HEADMASTER SIREN- includes headmaster QUIG.HOTROD -!00% complete w/manual and techspecs(has a stress crack on hood).


    .BUMBLEBEE- includes tech specs. WARPATH- includes tech specs. BEACHCOMBER-includes tech specs. HUFFER-includes tech specs. CLIFFJUMPER-includes tech specs. TAILGATE-includes tech specs. OUTBACK-includes tech specs. GEARS- includes tech specs. BRAWN-includes tech specs. WHEELIE-includes tech specs. WINDCHARGER-includes techspecs. PIPESincludes techspecs. POWERGLIDE-includes tech specs. COSMOS-includes techspecs. SWERVE-includes techspecs. SEASPRAY-includes techspecs. RED BUMBLBEE. HUBCAP-includes tech specs. BUMBLE JUMPER: Has 2 cracks in the body but neatly repaired.


    ASTROTRAIN-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. SIXSHOT-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. SPRINGER-100% complete, tech specs and manual. BROADSIDE-includes 1 handgun,axe, tech spec and manual. OCTANE-includes rear tanker,sheild, and tech specs. SANDSTORM 100%complete. QUICKSWITCH-100% complete includes tech specs, Note: Has a stress crack on the neck. BLITZWING-includes gyro-blaster rifle and electron scimitar and manual.


    TAKARA COLLECTION #0-Optimus Prime, MIB. TAKARA COLLECTION #6-Megatron, 100% complete, applied stickers, box is in fair condition with missing bubble. GALVATRON-100% complete includes tech specs and manual, electronics work. RODIMUSPRIME-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. ULTRAMAGNUS-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. POWERMASTER OPTIMUS PRIME- 100% complete.


    CYCLONUS-Rare Blue Ear Version (loose) 100% complete includes tech specs and manual. SCOURGE-100%complete, tech spec and manual. DIRGE-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. RAMJET-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. SKYWARP-inlcudes tech spec and manual only missing 2 short missiles. THRUST-includes tech specs and manual missing 2 long missiles. THUNDERCRACKER-includes tech spec and manual, missing 4 missiles, has 1 long missile w/ tip broken. STARSCREAM-includes manual, missing 2 short missiles, includes 2 long missile w/ tips broken. Target Master TRIGGER HAPPY-100% complete includes manual, locking tab on right double cannon is broken. SLUGSLINGER-has some discoloration, includes target master w/ no weapon.MISFIRE-100%complete includes manual and techspecs(Aimless has no legs). Head Master SNAPDRAGON-100% complete(guns are slighly discolored). DUOCONS- FLY WHEELS AND BATTLETRAP.


    SHRAPNEL-100% complete includes tech specs and manual. KICKBACK- includes tech specs and manual. BOMBSHELL-100% complete includes tech spec and manual.


    TOPSPIN AND TWINTWIST- 100% complete includes tech specs. BLASTER- 100% complete, includes tech spec and manual, tape deck does not open. SKYLYNX- electronics work, 100% complete, tech spec and manual included. WRECK-GAR- 100% complete, includes tech spec and manual. WHIRL-includes tech spec and manual. PERCEPTOR-inculdes scope handgun 1 missile and launcher has tech spec and manual. ROADBUSTER- includes missile launcher, power pack, four wheel covers, and linear blaster gun, has tech spec and manual. JETFIRE- 100% complete w/ box, Note: box and 2 foam inserts are in fair condition, flaps are missing on the left hand side of box.


    GRIMLOCK-includes energo sword, rocket launcher, and stunner laser, includes tech spec and manual. SLAG-includes rocketpod, electron blaster, and energo sword, tech soec and manual. SWOOP- includes energo sword, 2 missile launchers,2 missiles, tech spec and manual. SLUDGE- includes energo sword, electron cannon, tech spec, and manual. SNARL- includes energo sword, electron cannon, and 3 rockets, and tech spec and manual.


    SOUNDWAVE-100% complete, tech spec and manual. RAVAGE- includes tech spec, no weapons included. SHARKTICON GNAW- 100% complete w/ custom tail, has tech spec and manual(Legs have some discoloration). SHOCKWAVE- 100% complete, w/ box and foam insert, flaps are missing on left hand side of box, electronics work, includes manual. Note:. HEADMASTER MINDWIPE w/ VORATH-Note: Headmaster voarath's right arm is missing and Mindwipe's right fist tab is broken.WEIRDWOLF w/MONZO.SQUEEZEPLAY(body only).


    PREDAKING (plastic version)-RAZORCLAW-100% complete w/ manual. RAMPAGE- includes right fist and manual. TANTRUM- 100% complete w/ manual. HEAD STRONG-includes left foot/cannon and manual. DIVEBOMB- includes wings, left fist and manual. COMPUTRON- SCATTERSHOT- missing one shoulder blaster. STRAFE-includes 2 long missiles. AFTERBURNER. NOSE CONE. LIGHTSPEED. DEFENSOR- HOTSPOT-100% complete, tech spec and manual. FIRSTAID-includes cannon. STREETWISE-includes cannon. GROOVE- includes 2 seat Twin Vaporators. BLADES- includes 2 Twin blasters. SUPERION- SILVERBOLT-100% complete w/ manual. AIRRAID. SKYDIVE.SLING SHOT. FIRE FLIGHT. DEVASTATOR-HOOK-includes tech specs. MIXMASTER-includes tech specs. SCAVENGER-includes tech specs. LONGHAUL-includes tech specs. SCRAPPER-includes tech specs. BONECRUSHER-includes tech specs. MENASOR-MOTORMASTER-100% complete, includes tech specs. DRAG STRIP-100% complete. BREAKDOWN-100% complete. WILDRIDER-includes cannon. DEAD END- includes cannon. ABOMINUS-HUN GURRR- 100% complete w. tech and manual. CUT THROAT-includes hand gun. BLOT-includes laser mount. RIPPER SNAPPER-includes cyclonegun. SINNERTWIN-includesgrenade launcher . BRUTICUS-ONSLAUGHT-includes hand gun and double barrel cannon, tech spec and manual. BRAWL-includes double barrel cannon. SWINDLE-includes 1 scatter blaster. BLAST OFF- includes one sonic cannon. PIRANACON-SNAPTRAP-100% complete,Seawing,Tentakil,Nautilator,Skalor,and Overbite small pink shark arms are not included.Included are four weapon stand bases.
    Transformers G1 LOT!!! WOW AN INSTANT COLLECTION!!! - eBay (item 200298371801 end time Jan-22-09 18:55:26 PST)

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    oh wow that is huge... too bad I don't have enogh money to bid on it



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