For D&D collectors: D&D Dungeons & Dragons HUGE LOT of books & box sets spotted on Ebay!

Really awesome lot!

Link: D&D Dungeons & Dragons HUGE LOT of books & box sets - eBay (item 110371929066 end time Apr-08-09 20:52:19 PDT)

This lot includes

1001 Basic Box Set
1011 Basic Box Set (Purple Box)
1012 Expert Box Set x2
1011 Basic Box Set (Red Box)
1012 Exper Box Set (Blue Box)
1013 Companion Rules Box Set
1021 Master Rules Box Set
1017 Immortal Rules Box Set
9037 Player Character Record Sheets
9047 Monster & Treasure Assortment
9100 AC1 The Shady Dragon Inn
9099 AC2 Combat Shield and Mini adventure
9145 AC3 3-D Dragon Tiles featuring The Revenge of Rusak
9116 AC4 The Book of Marvelous Magic
9037 AC6 Player Character Record Sheets
9156 AC7 Master Player Screen
9173 AC9 Creature Catalogue
9220 AC11 The Book of Wondrous Inventions
9027 BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle
9023 B1 In Search of the Unknown
9034 B2 The Keep on the Borderlands
9044 B3 Palace of the Silver Princess x2 (Green and Orange covers)
9086 B6 The Veiled Society
9115 B7 Rahasia
9149 B10 Night's Dark Terror
9260 B11 King's Festival
9261 B12 Queen's Harvest
9114 XL-1 Quest for the Heartstone
9043 X1 The Isle of Dread
9051 X2 Castle Amber (Chateau d' Amberville)
9056 X3 Curse of Xanathon
9068 X4 Master of the Desert Nomads
9069 X5 Temple of Death
9081 X6 Quagmire!
9079 X7 The War Rafts of Kron
9127 X8 Drums on Fire Mountain
9129 X9 The Savage Coast
9160 X10 Red Arrow, Black Shield
9188 X12 Skarda's Mirror
9218 X13 Crown of Ancient Glory
9117 CM1 Test of the Warlords
9118 CM2 Death's Ride
9119 CM3 Sabre River
9128 CM4 Earthshaker!
9154 CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearls
9158 CM6 Where Chaos Reigns
9166 CM7 The Tree of Life
9192 CM8 The Endless Stair
9210 CM9 Legacy of Blood
9171 IM1 The Immortal Storm
9189 IM2 The Wrath of Olympus
9207 IM3 The Best of Intentions
RPGA Module 1 Rahasia
9050 01 The Gem and the Staff
9108 02 Blade of Vengeance
9193 GAZ1 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
9194 GAZ2 The Emirates of Ylaruam
9208 GAZ3 The Principalities of Glantri
9215 GAZ4 The Kingdom of Ierendi
9227 GAZ5 The Dwarves of Rockhome
9223 GAZ6 The Elves of Alfheim
9230 GAZ7 The Northern Reaches
9232 GAZ8 The Five Shires
9236 GAZ9 The Minrothad Guilds
9241 GAZ10 The Orcs of Thar
9250 GAZ11 The Republic of Darokin
9246 GAZ12 The Golden Khan of Ethengar
9287 GAZ13 The Shadow Elves
9306 GAZ14 THe Atruaghin Glans
1037 Gazetteer Dawn of the Emperors Thyatis and Alphatia Box Set
1054 Hollow World Box Set
9303 HWA1 Nightwail
9310 HWA2 Nightrage
9311 HWA3 Nightstorm
9384 HWR3 The Milenian Empire
The Art of the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game
9308 DDREF1 Character Record Sheets
9284 DDA1 Arena of Thyatis
9296 DDA2 Legions of Thyatis
9271 DDA3 Eye of Traldar
9272 DDA4 The Dymrak Dread
9350 Assault on Raven's Ruin
9357 Thunder Rift
9254 PC1 Tall Tales of the Wee Folk
9255 PC2 Top Ballista

D&D Dungeons & Dragons HUGE LOT of books & box sets - eBay (item 110371929066 end time Apr-08-09 20:52:19 PDT)