Evaluating the diamond needs to 4 aspects: the color, clarity, carat and cut, which is the 4C. So when selecting the diamond, we should take these 4 aspects into consideration.

(1) Color: The diamonds selling in the market nowadays are mainly colorless or close to be colorless, yellowish, light yellow or yellow. The colorless diamonds are the best amount these 5 colors, the deeper the hue is, the worse the quality is. But for the diamonds with colors, like red, pink, green, blue etc., they are the treasure among the diamonds with high value.

(2) Clarity: When selecting the diamond, we should watch closely the clarity in the 10 times magnifying class to see whether it has the defect or not. If it does, then we should judge which degrade it belongs to. Generally speaking, the more defects it has, the more apparent the position it lies on, then the quality will be the worse and the price will be lower accordingly.

(3) Carat: Selecting the carat of the diamond depends on the economy of the buyer. You need to consider the carat you want to select before purchasing. The value of the diamond is in proportion to the square of the carat. The bigger the carat is, the higher the value will be.

(4) Cut: The cut is also an aspect we should pay attention to when selecting the diamond. When selecting the diamond, you should put it onto the proportion scope for comparison. If the proportion is not suitable, the price of the diamond will be decreased. The price of the diamond with other cut style will be lower than that with standard round style.

As for the cut, we should also watch closely in the 10 times magnifying glass the smoothness of the diamond surface and whether there is artificial damage or not in the process of machining. If there is carving microgroove and artificial damage, the price of the diamond will be decreased accordingly. yòNEED Jewelry - The Online Jewelry Shop. Dedicate in Fine, Fashion Jewelry and Jewelry Wholesale