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    Default commodore 64 mint condition never been used

    A couple of years ago I was helping an old man move his mother out of her house that the family owned for over 100 years. I found a Commadore 64, the floppy drive and keyboard and they have never been used. The guys brother worked for Sears and just bought it and put it away and never used it. The floppy drive is in the oringinal package which is a styrofoam with a card board sleeve. I removed the sleeve and removed cover and the power cord, connections, and floppy drive are in original unopened plastic bags. and all documentation and floppy are there, Sears price tag 229.99. The keyboard is in original box also every thing is there never been used. He let me have it and I never found how much it would be worth. I have seen them used on Ebay and there were not worth much. I haven't see any never been used with everything in original condition. How much can it be worth?


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    Default Re: commodore 64 mint condition never been used

    to be honest with you, i sold a brand new one for 40 with about 20 games. I have found that Amiga's are worth a lot more
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