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    Dice Important read if you use online banking

    If you are a collector, than you probably trade online, and use online banking and websites such as eBay and Paypal. Did you know that you can order a security key from eBay/Paypal? This key givs you a 6 digit code that you must input in order to log in. This can prevent unauthorized logins to your account if someone somehow manages to get your password (by Phishing for example). Many banks (such as Bank of America) have also implemented similar security measures to protect against account theft and identity theft. Read an article surveying the state of online security measures:



    In today's era of online commerce and identity theft, password protection is no longer adequate to guard your financial assets. Your personal details are constantly at risk from phishing, keyloggers, and Trojan attacks. Even if you are sure you are safe and think you won't fall the victim to a phishing attempt, think again.

    I have a friend - whose real name I won't disclose for obvious reasons, but let's call him Jake – who is in charge of network security in a large (1000+ employees) corporation. Jake is very security-aware and is the last guy whom you would expect to fall for a phishing attempt.

    A couple of week ago, Jake applied for an account in an online bank. Sure after, a few days later he received two emails from that bank, the first email notifying him that he his application had been approved, and a second email asking him to verify personal information to set up his online account. The first email was authentic, but the second one was a fake. However, timing could not have...

    Continued at:
    Password authentication alone no longer adequate for protecting your personal data
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    Thank you for posting this information. I ordered mine.

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    Thanks for the update...
    I would like to add my devastating occurrence here...
    One of my old Fee Bay clients from another country has been spamming email to me
    Once I actually opened an email.........BAD BAD BAD
    It put a virus on my computer...
    Each pop up window was coming quicker and quicker...
    Each time I asked the compi to block pop up window...it had changed itself to allow popups....
    My kid has taken compi repair so i asked him to investigate
    He DID!

    The virus had registered itself as a USER/Administrator on my compi
    For God knows how long...It had been logging ALL DATA...Bank, etc
    Perfect foreign identity theft....

    I RUINED my online business and shut our business down for approx 3 weeks

    We tried to salvage data for about 2 weeks...but had to wipe EVERYTHING!

    In the meantime...all business was out and customers were rightly upset to getting no product shipped or NO response from our business....

    So...Yes...FIREWALL and check your FIREWALL Everyday!

    Don't let this happen to YOU!
    Any web site that is NOT fully encrypted is suspect!
    Don't open ANY unknown offer emails....
    Always be AWARE.

    Thanks for your time...And yes...Keep the PayPal and Other site keys

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    Default Re: Important read if you use online banking

    Thanks for the valuable information!




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