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    Default First things you ever collected?

    What were the first things you ever collected?

    For me, as a child I would collect Sticker albums. For those who don't know what it is, they are books with designated sections for stickers, usually based on a specific theme. You would buy sticker packs with random stickers, and would try to complete the album. Trading with friends is involved

    Some albums I remember collecting were a Mazinger Album, He-Man Masters of the Universe Album, and soccer/world cup albums.

    Sticker albums are great as a first item to collect, as each album has a finite amount of stickers to complete (as opposed to for example stamps or coins which can be overwhelming to collect...)
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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    Garbage Pail Kids

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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    The first thing I collected were books.
    Seems to me I started out with Jennifer Wilde's book "Loves Tender Fury" and went on the hunt for the sequels, which I found at various yard sales and one at a Friends of the Library Sale one summer.

    Then I started collecting all the V.C. Andrews books. I sure wish I had all those today.
    As a teen I also collected Tanya Tucker albums.

    Next came frog figurines, then it was coffee mugs and, now, well, I collect all kinds of vintage things.

    I remember the garbage pail kids!

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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    hockey cards

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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    decorative tins

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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    Books! I brought my collection of hard cover adult novels to my 4th grade class for "hobby and collection" day - and Sister Mary Laurentine, who despaired of me ever learning to do long division or keep quiet during quiet times arranged for me to spend some time once a week just hanging out in our tiny library.

    And that did it for me, for life - I can't start or end a day without some reading.

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    Default Re: First things you ever collected?

    Hot wheels cars. When I was younger I played with them. Then I started collecting Gamegear and n64 games cause they were cheap, then one thing led to another and bam! 550 games



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