Webkinz are a wonderful toy that provides a great deal of amusement for the kids and kids at heart. But at the same token provide great value for the collectors. We pride ourselves on the relationship with the customer from start to finish. Buy Retired and New Webkinz For That Special Someone

Some of the Reasons To Get a Webkinz For Your Special Someone

* Great Way To Connect With Your Kids

* You Can Ask Them Questions About Their Webkinz and Actually Get Answers Unlike Questions About School That Result In "It Was Okay" or "The Usual" or "I Don't Know"

* Inexpensive As They Get a Stuffed Animal and Online Games For a Full Year, Difficult To Find At That.

* Don't Have To Buy Real Pet, So Cheaper and Cleaner. Yet Bonus is They Learn How To Take Care of a Pet.

* Learn Math, Trivia and Many Other Great Learning Tools With Their Webkinz.

* You Know They Deserve One Because They Have Been Good and Will Keep Pestering You Until You Do Buy a Webkinz For Them.

* Great for Collectibles as They Will Surely Go Up In Value, Especially if You Buy the Ones That Aren't Retired Yet. But they become fewer and fewer as they are played with or damaged and no more will be created.